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How to Interpret Daily Horoscopes


In today’s fast-paced, chaotic, and at times unpredictable world, a horoscope reading as part of the daily routine can provide a welcome respite and a way to anchor oneself in one’s own life. If done properly, it is an art that connects every day to the ultimate.

The cosmic foresight each offers into the immediate future for different individuals can provide helpful advice and personal comfort, whether for seasoned astrologers or amateur laymen, each of whom interprets the information in their own way. Nonetheless, a few insider tricks and tools based on the fundamentals of astrology can help one get the most out of their horoscope reading, along with a unifying perspective.

How to Interpret Daily Horoscopes

The good news that reading one’s horoscope like an astrologer is not difficult to do. With this in mind, the following are some helpful tips and tricks regarding how to interpret your daily horoscope in a way that lets you get the most out of them.

Familiarize Yourself with your Birth Chart

When it comes to reading your horoscope like an astrologer, the key starting point is the astrological birth chart, which is a map that represents the placement of the planets and stars in the zodiac at your time of birth. Therefore, having a birth certificate available will help immensely, as you will need your exact date, time, and location of birth for the most accurate reading possible.

A plethora of astrology apps exists that can help you get started, after which you can read your birth chart from the convenience of home or consult a professional who can help you interpret your very own personal astrological map. The birth chart has twelve houses, each representing various aspects of one’s life and oneself.

Knowing where in the zodiac each of the twelve astronomical houses falls and which sign dominates each one in the astronomical chart allows you to locate the planets in the zodiac and decipher which of the houses or parts of life are being occupied, engaged, or activated by those planets. Astrologers use the information gleaned from these houses to draft horoscopes, making an understanding of what they mean immensely helpful.

Read for the Rising Sign

Another tip to reading your horoscope like an astrologer is to look at the rising sign rather than just the sun in the zodiac. Identifying your rising and zodiac sign with the sun is more convenient, as it only requires knowledge of one’s birthdate to perform, making it more popular and marketable.

Indeed popular astrologers of the past identified the ascendant or rising sign with the first astronomical house, making heliocentric horoscopes easier to fit into a magazine or newspaper as well as easier to interpret by the everyday person without having to painstakingly look up personal birth information that may not be readily available to everyone at all times. While this is certainly not inaccurate, using a reading based on your particular rising sign does provide slightly more accurate and holistic results and is therefore certainly worth the time and effort, particularly for serious individuals.

Look to the Moon

While the sun has often been the more identified-with planetary body in horoscope readings, the moon is among the most influential, ruling over our moods and intuitions much as it affects the ebb and flow of the tides. It also moves the fastest, meaning its influence changes constantly and therefore provides a more accurate daily horoscope.

The first step to take in order to avail oneself of this information is to download an astrology app that will tell you in which zodiac sign the moon lies and evaluate how the vibes of that sign will be affecting you emotionally throughout your day. This gives more of a private everyday emotional reading that complements the broader ones resulting from the sun or ascendant for a holistic result.

In regards to horoscope readings and astrology, interpretation matters. It also differs widely among astrologers, which different horoscopes giving off different vibes and coming from different perspectives. No two people looking at the same planets in the zodiac have the exact same perspective, and each may come away with a different truth, which is perfectly acceptable.

For these reasons, becoming more informed about your own personal astrology and techniques for reading horoscopes can help you get and take ownership of more accurate information regarding your place in the universe.


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