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How to Properly Prepare Your Home For Solar Panel Installation


This year solar energy powered over 18 million homes across the United States.

The industry is booming, and it is a great time to consider getting a solar panel installation on your property. However, before you do, you need to make sure that your home is ready.

How to Properly Prepare Your Home For Solar Panel Installation

Read our short guide to check what you need to do at home before going green and starting your solar project. Are you ready for solar? Let’s find out.

1. Check Your Roof

In most cases, solar panels need to go on your roof. So before you can consider starting the solar installation project, you need to check your roof. Is it suitable to install your panels, or does it need some work?

Check to see if your roof requires any repairs. If so, you need to make these first as you will not be able to install your panels onto broken tiles or frames. Also, look at the material your roof is made from and see whether it can support the weight of going solar.

Solar panel installers will advise you on whether your roof requires any work before you start your project. If you live in South Carolina, you can find out more about a great solar panel company here: https://www.blueravensolar.com/south-carolina/columbia/.

2. Maximize Sunlight

If your house has a lot of tree cover, you may find that your solar generation can become a little spotty. Take a look at the trees and other obstacles blocking light to your property. If you have a lot of overhanging branches, you may want to cut them back.

If your plan is to generate solar energy to go green, you do not want to be cutting down trees. However, speaking with an expert may give you some ideas of how you can distribute your panels on your property to maximize the sunlight available.

You should also check how many daylight hours you can expect to get each day in your area. You do not need to live in a hot climate to go solar, but you need to be somewhere that gets consistent daily sunshine. If you live somewhere with constant cloud cover, you may find your solar production is much lower.

3. Review Your Energy Consumption

Going solar should help you reduce your energy costs in the long term. However, before changing your energy supplier, you must understand how much energy you need to produce.

Take a look at your bills and see what kind of expenditure you are experiencing now. Are there any particularly heavy use items in your house for which you need to account? If so, you may want to look at a hybrid plan where solar can support your power usage rather than replace it.

In your initial consultation with a solar provider, you should present your current electricity usage with bills dating back around one year. This will help your supplier make the best estimates for how much energy you will produce with solar power.

Get a Consultation for a Solar Panel Installation Today

Applying for a solar panel installation is a significant step towards helping the planet to become greener. However, you need to make sure that you are ready for the change. Speak to your local solar installation firm and allow them to advise you on the following steps to take.

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