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The Ultimate 101 Guide to Truck Camping


Thinking of stepping up your traditional camping experience? Try setting up a bed inside your truck rather than pitching a tent on the ground. Truck camping is more than just your average site camping. The first thing you need to have is a well-conditioned truck. Visit your trusted truck repair shop and have your vehicle checked to ensure safe and hassle-free camping.

The Ultimate 101 Guide to Truck Camping

Aside from prepping your truck, you will need a few other things to make your camping experience more comfortable. Below is a list of gear and equipment you will possibly need in your truck camping adventure.

What to Bring

An entire truck means more space. Therefore, you have more room for tools and gear. Prepare these things for hassle-free truck camping:

  1. Mattresses, Blankets, and Pillows – Bring your fluffy mattresses and blankets to make your truck bed cozy. Make sure to bring enough pillows, but do not go overboard. Wearing your favorite pair of pajamas adds another layer of coziness and comfort, too. Who says you can’t be comfortable when camping?
  2. Kettle – A cup of hot coffee in the cold morning or during a rainy afternoon is one of the pleasures of camping. So, make sure to pack your kettle to never miss the chance of making coffee at the campsite. You can also prepare other drinks like tea and hot chocolate.
  3. Water Jug – Drinking water is essential in any trip. Bringing your jug of water will save you money and is helpful to the environment, too. Choose a big one that holds enough and can sustain you the entire trip. The standard jugs can hold up to five gallons of water that you can use for drinking, washing dishes, and other basic needs.
  4. Camp Stove – No camping experience is complete without good camping food. An easier alternative to cooking on firewood is to bring a portable propane tank. This way, you don’t have to go through all the trouble of finding dried twigs and leaves just to make breakfast.
  5. Cast Iron Cookware – A cast iron pan is one-and-done cookware that you can bring on your trip. You can cook almost anything and everything in it. You can make any dish, from pancakes and fried eggs to steaks and lasagna with just one pan.
  6. Cooler – A cooler is helpful when you are camping during summer. Keep your drinks and perishable food cold for a little longer. Nothing beats cold water during a hot sunny day spent camping.
  7. Camping Chairs – Most campsites don’t have available benches and chairs, so it is best to bring your own. You can use it for your bonfire nights or when you don’t want to spend your entire day inside your truck. The folding ones are the best because they consume less space inside the truck when folded.
  8. Emergency Light – An emergency light is a no-brainer necessity when camping. Choose a heavy-duty one that will last through the night. For battery-operated lights, make sure to bring a few extra batteries.
  9. Car Tools – If you are camping a few miles away from home, you must bring basic truck tools with you. It is always good to be prepared for any emergency that might happen on the road.

Where to Camp

Before going on your trip, drive around the area and check if there are any nearby public spaces where overnight parking is allowed. If you want to be more adventurous, check out national parks, forests, mountains, or beaches where you can camp out. Make sure to plan where you are going depending on the weather, season, and availability of the area. Research the area and prepare safety precautions to avoid unexpected inconveniences.

What to Expect

Truck camping, or any outdoor activity, in general, is always a good experience. However, not everything will go according to plan. Always keep in mind that proper preparation is a crucial step to avoid inconveniences for a smooth camping experience.

Aside from the essentials, prepare a list of phone numbers you can easily reach out to when something goes wrong. Make sure the list includes the contact information of your doctor, a truck repair shop, and a nearby police station.


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