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How to Troubleshoot Common HP Printer Errors?


HP is a famous IT industry globally known for manufacturing computer-related goods. HP manufactures a wide range of printers which varies in technology. HP printers are very famous among home users. But there are few errors you may face while using HP printers.

How to Troubleshoot Common HP Printer Errors

Paper Jam

Paper jamming is a common error mostly appearing on old HP printer models. A paper jam can occur due to various reasons. When the paper jam error appears, check for paper chunks. Small chunks of paper get stuck inside the printer which starts causing the paper jam. Open the access door of your HP printer and remove paper chunks. Cleanout the junk from your HP printer. Now check the rollers of the printer. Paper rollers sometimes draw multiple papers which causes the paper jam.

Changings password of HP printer

HP wireless printer has a password facility which helps to keep your printer secure. You should always change the HP Wireless Printer Password to ensure then no one uses the printer without your knowledge. Follow the given steps for changing the password of HP printer:

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Navigate to Devices and Printers
  4. Now right-click on Wireless HP printer
  5. Choose Properties option
  6. Click on Change Password option
  7. Enter your old password
  8. Type new password
  9. Retype the password for confirmation
  10. Hit the confirm button. Now your password has been changed.

Faded Printouts

Faded printouts mostly appear when the toner is about to get empty or when the print density is low. Whenever you get the faded printouts, check for the toner. If the toner is about to get empty then you need to install a new cartridge on your printer. You should always get an original cartridge for your printer. Third-party cartridges can ruin the quality of printouts. Some third-party cartridges can also damage the printer. If the original cartridge costs a lot then try to refill it. Purchase good quality toner for your printer. In the faded printouts is occurring due to the low print density then go to the settings and set the density to high. Now again try to take printouts with good quality.


Ghosting is a common error on older HP printers. Ghosting is a phenomenon when the light copy of an older printout appears on the new printout. Ghosting can appear due to the low electricity supply. But if the ghosting issue is occurring on older printer devices then it’s time to purchase a new printer. Ghosting appears when your printer parts like the imaging kit and drum are about to stop working.

Slow Printing

Slow printing issues can appear due to various reasons. If the slow printing error is appearing on the wireless printer then place the printer near to the router. Make sure your router has a physical WPS pin for connecting the printer. If your printer is connected to the cable then make sure you are using a high-speed USB for printing. If the slow printing error is appearing on your old printer then you can use the draft mode on your printer. But can use this mode only for taking simple black and white printouts. Go to the printing mode and change it to draft. Now you can take printouts with good speed. In case you need to take high-quality printouts then you can easily change the mode to high and a quality printout. The ink usage in draft mode is very low which means you take a good number of printouts at low ink usage.

Low-quality printouts

If the HP printer is giving you low-quality printouts then check the cartridge. If you are using a third-party cartridge then change it with an original one. The quality issue can also appear when the paper is too thin or thick for printing.

HP printer 4500 error

The error codes on HP printers mostly appear when the printer driver gets outdated. Whenever you get the Epson l565 0xf1 error, you should immediately check the printer driver. If the driver is outdated then install the update from the website. But when the driver files get corrupted, you have to use the driver repair tool because editing the driver files manually is a bit difficult. You can also reinstall a new driver on your system. Uninstall the corrupted printer driver and delete all the related files. Now install a new printer driver on your system and then check for the error codes.

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