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Hydrojet Plumbing vs Drain Snaking: Which is Better?


Cleaning drains and pipes is an essential part of plumbing maintenance. Regular unclogging prevents residue build-up from waste particles, improves drainage speeds, and removes various debris.

Even if you think you’re performing routine cleanups, plumbing system issues may still pop up from time to time. If you happen to experience a blocked pipe or a slow-moving drain, you’ll need to call for professional services. There are two methods to solve most drain and pipe problems: hydrojet plumbing and snaking. Both are good options, but which cleaning type suits you better depends on your sewage problem.

Here’s an extensive comparison of hydro-jetting and drain snaking. This guide weighs the benefits of each method to help you decide which one better matches your needs.

What is Hydrojet Plumbing?

Hydrojet plumbing is a method that utilizes a high-pressure hose that produces a strong stream of water to get rid of blockages in your plumbing system. It is a modern approach for cleaning out severe clogs in your sewer pipes and drains.

Benefits of Hydrojet Plumbing

Hydrojetting is a surefire way to clean out any form of clogging. As the process uses a heavy stream of water, the high pressure unclogs your pipes, keeps your sewer lines clean, and prevents backups. The method effectively removes grease, debris, hair, material scale, tree roots, and large waste items.

Hydrojet plumbing is also a versatile solution, as the function is not limited to residential use. The typical water pressure for the plumbing service ranges between 3,000 to 8,000 PSI (pounds per square inch), which means that the stream is strong enough for commercial and domestic sewer line maintenance.

Drawbacks of Hydrojet Plumbing

Hydrojetting is more expensive than drain snaking. Standard rates vary depending on the company, though charges often increase the more severe the clogging. However, if you consider the benefits of the service, know that calling for hydro jet services is worth every penny.

Here’s another thing you should consider: some pipes cannot withstand the force of a hydro jet’s stream. Old, damaged, or weak plumbing lines may break down when subjected to tremendous water pressure.

To ensure that your system is fit for the jetting service, most plumbing specialists perform an inspection before the unclogging process to check your pipe’s durability. If your sewer lines are structurally compromised, you may be better off with the drain snaking option.

What is Drain Snaking?

Snaking involves inserting a flexible metal cable down your pipes. This tube, called a plumbing auger, is hand-operated using a crank or motor and dropped down your drain system to clear out minor clogs. Augers have corkscrew-like coils at the bottom that latches onto any waste stuck in your pipes and pulls them out for removal.

Benefits of Drain Snaking

Drain snaking is a suitable choice if you have minor clogs caused by hair, wrappers, or various waste that accumulates in your drain system. The traditional method is ideal for small blockages that aren’t too deep into your plumbing line, particularly clogs situated above the trap of your pipe.

Snaking may be a more viable approach if you have old or fragile pipes. The traditional method is gentle, so you won’t risk any damage to your weak sewer lines.

Another advantage of snaking is that you can do it yourself, as the tools are accessible, affordable, and easy to use. You can find two types of hand augers in your local hardware store: J-shaped tubes for draining toilets and straight tubes for draining sinks. With the proper equipment, DIY clog clean-ups will be a breeze. Of course, you can always call for professional services if you prefer.

Drawbacks of Drain Snaking

Though useful for a quick fix, snaking is a temporary solution to plumbing problems. Waste removal through snaking may remove small clogs and improve drainage speeds, but it won’t be long before the need for another round of drain cranking. With the method, you also won’t enjoy the thorough cleaning and maintenance provided by hydrojetting.

Additionally, the snaking’s cleaning scope can be pretty limited, as the process only unclogs a path as wide as the auger’s coil tip.

Which Unclogging Method is Better for Your Plumbing Needs?

Of the two cleaning methods, hydrojet plumbing is the more powerful option. The process is fast, easy, and affordable: an efficient way to clear out clogs and blockages in your drainage system. The method also lessens grease and mineral build-up in your sewer lining, which helps improve drainage speed.

If you require drain cleaning services, reach out to quality plumbing experts in Gainesville and Ocala, FL. Call a licensed company with a proven track record, so you’ll get value for your money.


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