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Just Moved In? 5 Creative Ideas to Make Your Walls Pop with Personality


If you’d like to make your new home more interesting, you might want to add something unique. For instance, you can make it colorful or get creative in any way that suits you. These ideas can help you decorate and make your walls pop with personality.

Just Moved In? 5 Creative Ideas to Make Your Walls Pop with Personality

Hang Expressive Wall Art

One of the best ways to express yourself can be to hang large abstract wall art in a room or even all over the house. Not only can this be a great way to distract yourself from your everyday problems but you can be inspired by art every day.

For example, if you work at home and you need ideas, you can gaze at your beautiful artwork for inspiration. Not only this, but you might never be bored again with colorful artwork near you. You can hang pieces you admire in your workspace, kitchen, living room, bathroom, game room, library, or anywhere else you want to.

Try Illustrated Wallpaper

Although wallpaper may seem sort of dull to some people, there are plenty of exciting designs out there. Indeed, you can find everything from zebras to floral prints emblazoned on wallpaper. Plus, if you enjoy supporting the environment, there are eco-friendly and biodegradable options.

La Grand Classique, Spoonflower, and If Your Walls Could Talk are three companies that sell eco-friendly paper that’s also removable. A few other places to consider buying high-quality wallpaper include Etsy, Anthropologie, Serena & Lily, Ballard Designs, All Modern, Perigold, Wayfair, Pottery Barn Kids, The Inside, and others.

Use Bright or Bold Paint

Another way to create a stand-out space is to paint the walls a bright or bold hue. This could be your favorite color or a different one you’ve never tried before. For one, if you usually choose apple red, you might want to paint the walls a pink or purple tone. Further, you can use paint to add simple or more complex designs. This could be lines, zigzags, polka dots, or another design.

Another way to choose paint is how a color makes you feel. For one thing, you can learn color psychology to understand this. While red can make you feel passionate or angry, yellow may evoke feelings of optimism and happiness. And if you don’t want to paint a wall or room yourself, you can hire a professional to make things look nice.

Bring in a Sense of Nature

Whether you bring nature indoors or decorate with a sense of nature, natural objects and images can be calming and aesthetically pleasing. An additional benefit is that plants send oxygen into the environment which can be good for your family’s health. Alternatively, you can decorate with artificial flowers.

Although these may not be fresh, artificial flowers come in many bright colors and can look surprisingly realistic. You can find flowers that are made of paper, felt, wood, and other materials. You can display potted plants or flowers in vases against a wall by setting these atop a shelf.

Furthermore, you can string up garland that’s made of leaves or flowers to show your love for nature. You can even paint the wall a natural hue such as a green or brown shade, or choose wallpaper with floral or forest illustrations.

Add an Attractive Wreath

You can find distinctive wreaths at affordable prices at places like Etsy. There are different types of wreaths like floral, seasonal, Christmas, or DIY. One can look delightful above a mantel or your bed, in a frame, in front of a mirror, or other places indoors.

If you make one, you can get as creative as you’d like or keep it simple and minimalist. Objects such as succulents, felt leaves, pom poms, ribbon, grapevine, straw, wire, deco mesh, burlap, and more are only a few ideas for supplies. Wreaths can be a great way to incorporate festivity for the holidays into your environment. Plenty of simple tutorials are online for those who are crafty or would like to save money.

Wrapping Up

While decorating the walls with things that fit your personality can be lots of fun, it can also make you feel more comfortable in your space. This can help you relax and enjoy your environment. After all, you deserve to love your new home and how it looks.

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