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Know the Best Web Store Builder to Create B2C Ecommerce Software


Even with the low capital investment, it is easy to set up business online as the ecommerce industry has grown beyond an exponential remark. Thanks to the constant flourishment in the field of Artificial Intelligence, buyer’s sentiments, future needs, and sales could be predicted to great precision. With more and more user engagement with portable devices and sudden fluctuation to online shopping amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation worldwide, it is estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online by the year 2040.

Know the Best Web Store Builder to Create B2C Ecommerce Software

The net worth of the eCommerce industry by the end of 2019 was USD 3.35 trillion. It is expected that the industry might grow at a rate of 7.9% from 2020 to 2027. To be a part of such exploring industry, an entrepreneur might need a web store builder that could help them create a b2c eCommerce software which is easier to handle for the end customer, works on all the major platform(Operating Systems), gather more footfall, successfully target audience, generate more sales, and much more.

One such ultimate web store builder is Sellacious. This is a platform which acts as a solution to any need, requirement, or problem, one could face while creating a b2c eCommerce software. You as a store owner can also create a niche or multi-vendor, b2b and c2c marketplace. There are more than 5000 features one can leverage to create the store with complete provision to create a dynamic store front with the drag-and-drop based template editor.

The scope to scale the marketplace increases as one goes for the higher version of this platform. A store owner gets access to all of the Joomla provided and Sellacious provided templates which could be optimized by the UX designer as per their own scheme. The store owner could also perform such an operation without any prior technical knowledge. The backend features can be plugged in or out via the enable/disable switches.

The final changes can be previewed via the preview mode on staging before actually taking them to the production site. To make things available to users without any delay, one could either take the AWS option provided in the enterprise version or may also take the Sellacious provided hosting. The team guarantees 99.98% robustness of the server, 100% data availability, and unlimited ultimate bandwidth to cater any size of the audience.

A store owner in a multi vendor marketplace could also define the access level and grant permission to the registered sellers for creating their own rules to operate the marketplace. Rules by the seller can be defined only for their own handle under the same marketplace banner. Rules can be over the shipment rates, tax imposement, coupon generation and distribution, discount, return and exchange guidelines, and much more.

Automated payout cycles can be defined by the admin. Sellers can create their account in Stripe and claim for the instant payout. Admin could install RMA for the return and exchange section once the product is delivered. Review and rating section could be activated by the admin to let the other user get a complete picture of whether to buy or not the concerned product. Automated inventory management, order status management, report dashboard, transaction details records, etc, all can be installed on the marketplace with just a few clicks. There are more than 65 payment methods which are surely PCI DSS compliant and ensure utmost security are offered by Sellaicius to store owners to plug into their application.

A store owner can use the viability of this platform of being open-source and tweak into the files to get their custom plugins built. Moreover, they could also reach out the core team of Sellacious to get the things done right for them. Team ensures timely and iteration wise delivery, agile methodology implications, and lower service charges.

You can also create a booking portal, ticketing site/application, auction portal, and property rental site without any hassle. You could also reach out to our customer support executive to get the things faster. Free 30 minutes session is guaranteed with the enterprise version. The support is much passionate about their jobs and guarantees you a solution within a few moments.

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