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7 Best Cheap Individual Health Insurance Companies


The human body is at risk of being ill or injured without any regard to age and health conditions.

No one can predict when an unfavorable scenario would strike. Which is why having health insurance comes in very handy.

Statistics based on the 2019 findings of CPS ASEC and the American Community Survey (ACS), 92% of the US population has health insurance.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has also been influential in changing the dynamics of people’s mindset as they now realize the importance of being prepared for health crises more than ever before. People now know that feeling healthy and young doesn’t really mean you won’t end up with an emergency.

Stephen King rightly said that there is no harm in hoping for the best if you are prepared for the worst.

In the US, health insurance, or the coverage of your healthcare costs come as a facility either provided by your employer, under a government-funded plan or through individual health insurance companies. If your employer doesn’t facilitate you with health coverage or self-employed, you can buy health insurance from these companies.

7 Best Cheap Individual Health Insurance Companies

Buying health insurance doesn’t mean you need to pay a hefty premium and high deductibles. The reputable companies mentioned below provide affordable individual plans without compromising much on the benefits.

1. Cigna

Cigna is regarded as one of the best insurance companies that offer affordable plans. With monthly premiums below $100, Cigna provides various individual and family health coverage plans.
The good thing about Cigna’s plans is that you don’t need to pay anything for your preventive care like health screenings, flu vaccines, or annual checkups at the hospitals in its network. Plus, you can talk to a doctor, nurse, or a representative from Customer Care on-call or online, 24/7.

You can check for the eligibility and plan comparison on Cigna’s website.

2. US Health Group

The biggest concern while buying insurance is whether it will cater to your or your family’s specific needs. Depending upon your and your family’s health, independent plans can be tailored if you opt for the US health Group.

Plan customization will give you the flexibility to assess and include what benefits you might be needed, and that too in your limited budget. The US health group’s quality coverage is backed by Gold Stevie Awards and Company of the Year Awards.
Even if you change your job, the plans provided by US healthcare offer portability, which means you can take your plan with you.

3. Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation is not a new name as it has been removing barriers to healthcare for people over the course of 30 years. It is undoubtedly the right choice if you want to buy an affordable health coverage plan.

With Centene, you can get access to a wide range of high-quality healthcare services across several states. The plans are affordable, which means the monthly premiums are less, and the copays and deductibles are reasonable. The company offers flexibility to focus on individual needs with its plans.

4. Carefirst Inc.

If you are from Maryland, Columbia, join the likes of up to 3.4 million people whose health expenses are covered by CareFirst Inc. It is a reputable insurance company providing a range of health coverage plans for employers as well as individuals.

The company provides services around the clock to policymakers in Maryland at very affordable rates where you get to pay a low monthly premium.

5. Molina Healthcare, Inc.

For US citizens with low income, Molina Healthcare is yet another prestigious name in the field of health coverage. With its quality services and affordable plans, the company proves that having a low income doesn’t mean you need to settle for any less in terms of healthcare.

Molina health care provides access to in-network medical facilities across 15 states and caters to the needs of almost 3 million customers.

6. Guidewell Mutual Holding

With its aim to transform healthcare in US communities, Guidewell Mutual Holding is an excellent choice for people who look for innovative health coverage plans under a limited budget.

One recent happening proves Guidewell’s commitment and sincerity towards people’s health. The company launches a $125,000 initiative to find solutions to healthcare challenges people face during crises like the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

7. Independence Health Group, Inc.

When buying individual health insurance in Philadelphia, PA, look no other than the reputable Independence Health Group Inc. The corporation provides cost-effective health care coverage plans to almost 10 million policyholders under the umbrella of the Health Insurance Carriers Industry.

Independence health group consists of a wide in-network hospital range and provides compensation for healthcare round the clock.

Summing Up

We have come up with this list to make it easier for you to select a suitable company that provides plans according to your family’s needs. Although hundreds of insurance companies you can choose from, the ones mentioned above top the list of offering reliable services within affordable premiums.

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