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New Journey, New Knowledge: 5 Ways to Keep Kids Learning While Travelling


Traveling with kids might seem like a challenge to some parents — their greatest concern is that the kids will not have a good time. Alas! Did you know that this does not have to be the case? Your kids can have a time of their lives, and the trip can also be an excellent time for learning? Well, in this informative post, we show you five creative ways to keep kids learning while traveling.

5 Ways to Keep Kids Learning While Travelling

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Here Are Five Creative Ways to Keep Kids Learning While Travelling:

Learn A Few Words of the Local Language

One of the best ways in which you can enhance the learning experience while traveling, especially abroad, is to acquire a few words of the country’s local language. Did you know that people become more receptive to you when you can speak their language? The idea here is not to become a linguist but to put some effort. When you do so, the locals will open up to you, and your kids will learn way much more. They will get to know about the culture of the locals, the history of the nation, among other valuable lessons.

Learn As Much As You Can About Your Destination

Learning happens faster when kids are interested in a particular topic? Did you know that one of the most effective learning styles is pickling your kids’ interests? Therefore, let your kids learn as much as they can about the country that you are visiting. It will be easy for the kids to identify some of the things they read on the books or the internet about a particular country. You can also introduce some learning games or use technology, for example educational mobile apps just to make the process easier.

If you plan to visit Brazil, for example, then it would be a prudent idea to help your kids learn about the Amazon. Most likely, you will come across it. In this way, when kids see what they learn in books physically, the lesson tends to sink in better. On these trips, encourage your kids to identify the different landmarks that they might come.

Encourage Your Kids to Record Their Experiences

One of the many different learning styles is encouraging then to record their experience. One fun way of doing so is by having a “senses” journal. What this means is that kids do not record what they see, but also what they hear, smell, touch, and taste. This exercise will encourage your children to be more attentive to their environment because they would not want any exciting experience to pass them by.

One way of encouraging the kids to learn while on these trips is by asking them thought-provoking questions. You might ask then to note the difference in the flow of traffic in the country or to find out the national dish of the country you are visiting.

Encourage Learning in All Spheres of Life

We know every parent desires that their kids will grow to be responsible citizens. However, for your kid to acquire all the skills that they need in life, they need deep learning, much more than what is taught in class. Travelling provides an excellent opportunity to teach your kids fundamental life skills. How? You might be wondering. First, when you travel, encourage your kids to be observant of the things that go on around them.

Ask them to observe how the younger generation treats the older generation. If the younger generation is respectful, encourage your kids to emulate them, if they are disrespectful, warn them against such behavior. In the senses diary, encourage them to write one life lesson they learned at the end of the day. In this way, your kids will grow as all-rounded individuals.

Let the Kids Interact Completely With the Environment

The purpose of learning is to expand a person’s perspective on life. Life lessons are even more critical in kids since they are in the formative stages of their lives. Their experiences usually have a significant influence on their lives and, indeed, their future. Learning through travel is essential when you visit another country, therefore let your kids get involved in the trip.

You might be wondering how you might do so. First, you should let the children taste the local food and appreciate it! This will help them learn that other cultures can also have good food, although it is different from what the kids are used to. Take them to the local museum and markets. These visits will help them appreciate different cultures and accept people as they are. Such actions will discourage your kids from having prejudice since they will be exposed.

Wrap It Up

Travelling can be a pleasant experience. Everyone loves to travel, but at times parents get on edge when their children accompany them. They are afraid that the kids will not find the trip enjoyable. However, these fears are unfounded because you can enhance the learning experience by employing the highlighted learning strategies.

If you travel with your kids, we would love to know how your experience has been so far through the comments section below.


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