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Pack Your Travel Bags Now! Here Is A Destination Pick-list For Lgbt Couples


When it comes to traveling, it should be a place somewhere you could be free and be yourself. You want to go on a stress-free, peaceful and fun vacation off with your partner. You don’t wish to experience eyes looking differently at your LGBT travel. We know how badly you wish to go out with your partner for a vacation, but resisting because of the question, WHERE?

Pack Your Travel Bags Now

To ensure a trip where you can be with your lover, no matter if they are of the same sex or not! You can even choose to go solo, ready with the possibility that you meet someone special. Therefore, ready your LGBT family vacation, because we are going to tell you a list of place, where you can enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner. Here is a list for you:

The Canary Islands

For an ideal European gateway, there’s nothing better than you could find better than Canary Island. This place is known for its friendliness towards the LGBT Community. While you are at this place, be ready to enjoy scorching temperatures, stunning beaches, and a breathtaking landscape. What else do you need for a cool summer getaway? The island across the Spanish archipelago will have beaches where you can enjoy the LGBT beaches, bars, and nightclub with your partner. Spending quality time together is the goal of this vacation, right? They even have an annual Maspalomas Gay Pride event in Gran Canaria, which includes a gigantic 10-day celebration that consists of LGBT parades, pool parties, and organized boat trips.

Florianópolis, Brazil

It’s Brazil Time, and Florianópolis is burning with the love it’s getting from the LGBT community. It is a hot destination with a party-zone done right. The most suitable description of this place could be Ibiza in a South American style. It’s a party place, and you have got to come here if you have that party hogger inside. Praia Mole is a must visit for all the gay men.


The Gay capital of Germany, yes we are talking about Berlin. This city has an extensive history and artistic culture in its roots. A party hub with an extensive collection of exclusive bars, clubs, and carnivals. You will find such bars in diversified in the city’s popular central location such as the Schoenberg district. This is massively popular within gay men and has become an epicenter as well.

In addition, we can berlin is an LGBT friendly city, as it has a Christopher Street Day, which is the biggest day for the LGBTs of Berlin. This day is addressed by thousands, who march through this magnificent European city — searching for a suitable place for LGBT family vacations? This is the right choice to take your travel bag!

If you are new to the LGBT community, here see interesting LGBT travel blogs of these guys, and be a part of their journey. They will guide you about travel with your gay partner and parenting, which could be quite confusing for every parent.

There is a myriad of things that could go wrong when you are parenting in this crazy yet amazing world. Hear the thrilling stories from the LGBT family vacations of this gay couple. You can know about all the amazing stories that they have experienced from the course of world’s adventures from their LGBT family travel blog. Click here to start exploring.


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