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Questions to Screen an Adept Personal Injury Lawyer


Prevention is better than cure, they say. After all, planning helps you think and act rationally in situations of emergency, especially in case of an accident or an injury. This is why most people prefer having a personal injury lawyer by their side to assist them in an adverse situation, should they find themselves in a physically, mentally, or emotionally distressing condition.

Questions to Screen an Adept Personal Injury Lawyer

1. The best personal injury lawyer in Vancouver will make sure that you have legal assistance, whenever and wherever you require in case of an injury, be it a car accident, motorcycle accident, wrongful death or medical malpractice.

2. An injury post-accident, no matter the gravity can be debilitating to a person’s overall health, making you incapable of coherent decisiveness, which is why a personal injury lawyer’s guidance is essential. They will make sure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally sound to give accurate statements and make rational decisions regarding the legal proceedings.

3. You need credential, and experience to prove your stand and claim your compensation from the insurance company, which not everybody possesses. With the aim to get you your justified compensation, personal injury lawyers are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to represent you in the court competently, should the need be.

4. A personal injury lawyer is well aware of the statute of limitations concerning every case, which many injury victims fail to report their incident by. A personal injury lawyer knows the cut off period after which your claim will not be held valid, and they will make sure that you get the claim goes to the court before the statute of limitation ends, keeping your best interest at heart.

5. Not hiring a personal injury lawyer comes with several financial consequences. A personal injury lawyer will help you identify and mitigate the exposure to these financial risks.

But it is essential to make sure that you are able to adequately screen your potential candidate so that you only hire the best personal injury lawyer in Vancouver. Following are the set of questions will help you establish whether or not the personal injury lawyer is fit to fight your case:


From which law school did they obtain their legal degree from? Does the state bar association certify them? How is their record in the state bar; whether or not they have been disbarred, do they have a criminal history?


Do they have any particular belief that might come in the way of solving your case? Are they representing any party which might have a conflict of interest with your claim?


Will they be handling the case or give it to their associate? Will they be assigning minor parts of the case to their juniors? Are they the partners or founding members of the firm?


How much experience do they have in resolving cases like yours? What is their success rate? How many cases were won and how many were settled outside the court? Do they offer an injunction? What is the estimated compensation that the damage of your kind is entitled to?


Do they work on contingency base or hourly rate? Will they be able to provide you with an estimate of how much the entire case will cost?

In what forms will they be willing to accept their payments?

If the answer to the questions mentioned above is affirmative, then you can rest assured that your personal injury lawyer is undoubtedly the most proficient one, you will ever find; who will ensure your case wins and you are given the legitimate compensation.


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