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Plan the Perfect 5th Anniversary Celebrations


The 5th anniversary is surely a special one for any couple as it is a milestone in the life of a couple. If it’s your or your dear one’s 5th anniversary that is around the corner, then you surely shouldn’t leave no stone unturned to make it a hit! The next day newspaper headlines should contain the coverage of your party. Well, we are not joking and you can also plan the perfect evening celebrations without burning a hole in your pocket. But what to do and how to do it to make it a hit amongst the guests? That’s why we are here. Without any further ado, let’s get started with the perfect planning of your 5th anniversary celebrations.

Plan the Perfect 5th Anniversary Celebrations

Decide the Guests List

It totally depends upon the fact that you are looking for a grand celebration just like your wedding or are looking for a small get together kind of celebrations. Decide the guests that you want to invite and send them an e-invitation for the 5th wedding anniversary party. Make sure that you invite all your friends, relatives and neighbours. You can even invite your college friends, colleagues, and a lot more people if you are planning for a big party.

Decide the Venue

Venue plays an important role in getting your party celebration level high! If you have a vintage backyard with maybe a swimming pool beside, then it will be a great spot to commend the party. But if not, then don’t limit the party celebrations to your house. Look for a beautiful open garden or an amazing auditorium for the party. You can also plan a picnic party by getting to some nearby famous spots of your city or on the outskirts of the city. Whatever venue you choose, make sure that you are not colliding with some other party there on that day.

Decide the Cake

How can we forget about the most important part of the 5th anniversary celebrations? The cake should be picture perfect for the selfies your guests are going to take in the party. Go for a designer cake or a photo cake or maybe both according to the size of your party. There are so many theme cakes available in the market and you can get prepared the perfect one for your celebrations. You can even get a caricature designer cake with the couple caricature as the center point. Also, choose the perfect spot for the cake to be placed in the venue so that it is visible to everyone. Afterall, the cake is going to be in the newspaper the next day!

Decide the Food Menu

Here comes the part where you have to think about your budget in general. If you have a sufficient budget, then go for a catering service that will present you with the best food menu. Choose according to your guests preferences. Get some bottles of wines, soft drinks, and champagnes as well. If you are looking for a limited food menu and are on a budget, then you can hire a few kitchen staff members to prepare some western snacks and desserts. As for the drinking part, you can settle for some bottles of beer and cold drinks.

Decide the Games

Here comes the interesting part where your guests will take part in an interactive activity. For the kids in the party, arrange some funny activities and games for them to keep them engaged. For couples like you, you can go for romantic games like Anniversary Tambola game, made for each other, propose your partner, find the ring, the perfect match, and so on. There are many more games that you should incorporate into your anniversary celebrations. Surely, you and your guests will enjoy the fun games and it will make your celebrations more alive.

So, that’s how you properly plan and make your party a hit! Contact the different persons well in advance to book the venue, catering services, etc. As for the cake, you can avail fresh online cake delivery in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, and in many more cities across the country and abroad. Make it a perfect 5th anniversary party! Happy celebrating! Happy anniversary!

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