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Selecting the Best Local Attorneys for your Accident in Anchorage


There are approximately 2,300 attorneys registered to practice law in Alaska. The Top Anchorage Law Firms know the local laws and the people involved, two factors helpful in achieving the best result. Therefore, in order to have the highest chance at a positive outcome, hire attorneys from in or near Anchorage to prosecute your accident case.

Selecting the Best Local Attorneys for your Accident in Anchorage

There are many reasons why local attorneys are preferable to out-of-town attorneys. For example, the Top Anchorage Law Firms will not need to travel and, as a result, will incur reduced out-of-pocket costs, charges that end up reducing a client’s overall award. Common expenses often include (a) court costs (fees for filing a lawsuit), (b) court reporter and copies of transcripts, (c) expert witness fees, (d) private investigator, (e) postage, (f) telephone, (g) courier, (h) photocopying, (i) legal research, (j) out of town air or car transportation, and (k) hotel and meal expenses.

Attorneys coming from great distances may also charge you for gas, tolls and related expenses. And if they must stay the night in Anchorage, hotel rooms for one or multiple nights become costly. Food costs in out-of-town venues will also be forwarded to the client in the form of a reduced award.

Also, local attorneys typically invest in local businesses, which could also prove beneficial to you. Indeed, when local attorneys are neighbors who are more apt to hire local support staff, pay local taxes, shop at neighborhood stores, eat at nearby restaurants and hire local service providers, these providers, are likely to return the favor by offering reduced rates and also acting more favorably toward your attorney. Making friends is always a benefit.

Other benefits to hiring Top Anchorage Law Firms as opposed to out-of-towners includes factors such as accessibility. Indeed, when it is necessary to drop something off or pick something up or sign papers at your attorney’s office or stop in with a quick question, being local is obviously much simpler.

Next, local attorneys are understandably more familiar with local judges, courtroom processes and opposing attorneys. Why is this a great advantage? Well, in addition to knowing the facts and law of your case, out-of-town attorneys will have the added burden of learning the ins and outs of local practice, have to find local places to obtain graphics and displays to get their points across (which can cost clients more money) and deal with the additional stress of not being known to local culture which helps in dealing with a jury pool.

It is human nature to be more courteous to someone you know, so even though judges are supposed to be neutral, it is difficult for a judge not to favor an attorney with whom he already has a relationship. Likewise, attorneys that deal with each other regularly are more apt to act in a courteous nature, leading to a greater likelihood of settlement, because they will want similar treatment in the future.

Finally, “small town” attorneys (not that Anchorage is a small town) are just as, if not more, adept at prosecuting cases as the “big city” firms. The opposite perception, although common, is flat wrong. Larger firms may throw less experienced attorneys on trials for small, personal injury clients and save the “big guns” for the large corporate clients. On the other hand, local attorneys with the qualifications noted above are far more likely to know the ins and outs required to successfully prosecute and defend your case, thereby achieving better results.

In addition, if your Anchorage case involves a government entity as a defendant, there are usually additional requirements that local attorneys will now better than out-of-towners. It is likely that the municipality must be given additional notice, within specific timelines, before the personal injury case may be filed in court. Although it may seem harsh, this process is positively designed to allow municipalities the opportunity to settle cases before taxpayers have to pay for a full-blown litigation process.

Another advantage to smaller, local firms is that they are more likely to focus on certain details the foreign attorneys may not. One of these areas is recovery for property damage, where even if the attorneys seeks reimbursement for damage to a client’s vehicle, they often fail to seek recovery for any property in that vehicle that may have been damaged or destroyed.

It is clear that local is better. These neighborhood attorneys will help you to promptly fill out the proper forms so as to make sure that you are in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and also create a paper trail with all relevant information so that you have adequate evidence to aid in the chances of prevailing on your claims.


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