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The Biggest PPC Mistakes Law Firms Make


The world of Pay-per-Click (PPC) is increasingly competitive and advancing by the second. New competitors are continuously springing up to advertise only to drive up their cost-per-click business.

The budgets are small and the demand for success is strong, and the trick is to target your marketing dollars on the places most closely associated with your experience and the highest income.

The Biggest PPC Mistakes Law Firms Make

Any law firm that moves into internet marketing would like a slice of the PPC pie. Yet, law firms are still making those mistakes over and over. PPC marketing firm in West Palm Beach is here to help identify and correct those errors.

Not creating ad-specific landing pages

If your injury-specific ad ends up taking users to your webpage, forget about it. They’ve already quit and gone to look for a lawyer that can make it easy to get the support they need. Each ad you’re running should have its own devoted landing page that helps to explain the depth of the ad, provides contact information, and makes it easy to navigate the rest of your site.

Not outsourcing your PPC Management

It may sound easy to get started with PPC campaigns but with each passing time, things tend to be complex as soon as the digits and data start to increase. When you outsource your PPC campaigns, you also transfer your monitoring and campaign management to professional hands and allow them to incorporate all the required resources and strategies.

If initiatives are not in expert control, this clearly means that your conversion tracking tools will hardly be of any use, evaluating revenue for campaign accounts will be out of range, and it will be difficult to perform efficient optimization techniques. Thus, realizing what to prevent is vital, your business remains in control and yields greater profitability.

Inappropriate Keyword Selection

The whole process of digital marketing revolves around keywords and not everyone knows the true strategy of selecting keywords and using them for the good of your company. There are higher chances of failure and nearly zero chances of success when you do this part on your own, which is why it is considered one of the biggest and most common mistakes.

While there are many methods and tools to help you find effective keywords and organize with the selection, it is only by professional help that the actual research can be fulfilled.

The primary feature of choosing better keywords is to pick keywords that have the user’s purpose in mind. Also, keeping up with the changing trends and updates is essential, so you’re aiming for trending keywords and top ranks on Google.

Not utilizing ad extensions

The character limitations of Google on ads will always be the weak spot in our side because we all have a lot more to say about our business. Ad extensions lend those skills to law firms. Provide the link, then type even more about what visitors can expect to see once they have reached your page.

These are extra links under your paid ad that Google gives you. It takes more room on the searcher screen and takes them exactly where they want to go, making it easy for quick user experience and lowering your bounce rate.

Not utilizing Video marketing

Not all the time website visitors are converting to leads for your law firm. Another way to capture the attention of a prospect is via video marketing. Videos are an extremely attractive ad format that can boost conversions.

Forget about extracting SEO cues

PPC campaigns are packed with insights into your SEO strategy. Since PPC deals for browsers that respond to keywords in your ad on pages with keywords, it easily becomes apparent which keywords and phrases are most useful for your audience.

However, marketing departments often disregard this convenient correlation. As soon as you notice the most clicks and conversions on certain ads or ads on certain pages, identify the keywords they contain. You can now use these keywords in your SEO campaign throughout your online presence, in your PPC ad copy, and in your PPC bidding process.

When configured correctly, PPC advertisements will send highly qualified leads to your law firm’s web site. If you’re worried that you’re wasting time and money or just want a second pair of eyes to take a look at your campaign and give advice, please contact the PPC marketing firm in West Palm Beach for a consultation.


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