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Tips For Planning Your Budget Wedding


Planning your big day, as exciting as it can be, it can also cause all kinds of pressure and anxiety. Decisions, may it be venue, refreshments, budgets or your dress gets in the way of a good night’s sleep till the day arrives.

Tips For Planning Your Budget Wedding

Planning your dream wedding on a strict budget on the other hand doubles the pressure of working within budget in this economy where having a everything is overpriced and costly. Here are a few tips to follow when planning.

Plan Ahead

A ceremony such as this generally takes a lot of planning in painful detail to make sure your big day goes smoothly with no unexpected surprises. So make sure you have looked into every category leaving nothing to chance.

Once the date is decided, list out the areas that have more importance and would have to have require prior bookings to be made. These would include who would officiate the ceremony and where the venue of the reception, printing out invitations and booking the photographer for the date. Make sure that the budgets for each of the areas are mentioned. Discuss guest lists and budget amounts with family and include their input and ideas. It would eventually help you include them in the decision making and to greatly reduce your expenses in some areas.

Once budget amounts are settled, you would have an estimated amount as to how much it would cost you in total. Funding your wedding would be the next area to consider. It can be done through savings and taking out a personal loan, contributions from friends and family. However, if you are looking to handle the finances of the wedding by yourself the easiest and quickest option would be to visit a pawn store with an item that you can keep as a security deposit. You can basically receive the money you want over the counter with no hassle at all.

Stick to your budget

Once you have your finances sorted, and you can start carrying out your duties. Expenses may build up during the course of planning your wedding but keeping your budget in mind, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks and ask for help. Your friends and family would be more than happy to pitch in. Make table decorations personal by including friends by using their talents and artistic capability. Look through magazines and wedding catalogues to find practical tips and tricks to stay within your budget and still have the dream wedding you and your significant other will never forget.

Create a check-list

Prepare a check list which includes all the details of what has to be done and in what order. For example, deciding on a dress, choosing the bridal party, table decorations and cake tastings would have to be arranged by order of priority and a day or two dedicated to each category to ensure that nothing is left out. After the check list is done and completed, you would have a more precise idea about how much the entire ceremony would cost you. You could then use that information to adjust your plans accordingly.


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