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Tips to Avoid Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks


You are the first defense you have to avoid an accident. Following road laws and paying attention can save you from many accidents on the road. One thing that gets in the way of this is other drivers who might not always do these things. As they often say, the most dangerous thing on the road is other drivers.

One of the biggest hazards on the road is commercial trucks. They are large and heavy which causes them to be more difficult to control. Imagine something much larger and heavier slamming into you on the road and you can image how devastating injuries can be. Contact a Roseville car accident lawyer if you have been hurt in an accident involving a commercial vehicle.

Tips to Avoid Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks

Here are a few tips to help you avoid accidents involving commercial trucks.

Stay out of Blind Spots!

Every vehicle has blind spots, these are spots that you can see from looking in your mirrors. Commercial trucks have many larger blind spots. These spots are directly in front of their truck, behind their trailer, and on both sides of their cab. Keep a safe distance from semi-trucks and try to avoid staying in their blind spots. While you should always keep an eye out for all drivers, make sure to keep an eye on trucks when out on the road.

Signal Properly

Commercial trucks have a harder time with abrupt changes on the road. They take a lot longer to come to a stop and can lose control easily if they try to break fast. While you are driving, make sure you signal properly. You should always be doing this, but it’s especially important if you are around semi-trucks. Contact a lawyer in Roseville, CA to get help filing a claim about an accident involving commercial vehicles.

Follow Every Rule

Truck drivers have strict rules to follow when they are driving, but other vehicles have them too. Many drivers don’t follow simple rules that could cause issues for a truck driver. One of these is staying behind the white line on the road. If there is a sign that says stop here, stop. Sometimes people ignore these because the line is so far from the intersection, but these are made to give large vehicles more room to turn. Commercial trucks need space to turn and can cause congestion if they are struggling to find the space.

Accidents can be scary. It can be even worse if the other vehicle is a massive vehicle that can cause a lot of damage. Get in touch with an attorney in Roseville, CA to file a claim about a negligent truck driver causing you injury.


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