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Top 6 Audio Formats in 2021


Hello Guys, hope you are doing well! Are you looking to know about the best audio formats, then what are you looking for? It is time to read this article and get to know all the details about audio formats. This article mainly consists bout the top audio formats in 2021. So without any delay, let’s get started!

Top 6 Audio Formats in 2021


Firstly, many audio formats are available to use in a computer, such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, tab, etc.

Based on the operating system and the device’s storage, you can select multiple types of audio formats that are best suitable for your devices.

First, let us know the types of audio formats. There are mainly three types of audio formats. They are Uncompressed, Lossless, and Lossy files.

Let us know about these three types of audio formats, and later I will discuss the top 6 audio formats in 2021.

The uncompressed audio format itself defines the file as not compressed. It is best used for professionals audio needs because Uncompressed audio formats do not compress their way. It remains as the user creates it. If I talk about the frequency and the storage of the Uncompressed file, these are large files and have professional audio settings. Uncompressed files have a dynamic range of at least 96 dB and a frequency spectrum of 22.5 kHz. Lossless files are smaller than uncompressed files, and it takes less space when compared to Uncompressed files. Lossless files are up to 70 percent less than uncompressed files. Even though it is small when compared to Uncompressed files, it offers the same quality during playback. You can use these audio enhancers for Windows 10.

Lossy files are compressed files, and the most popular lossy file is an MP3 file. Lossy files are a great option for streaming services online because the speed of the service is considered more important than the quality of the audio.

Let’s see the top 6 audio formats in 2021 in detail.

1. WAV:

If you are looking for the best quality audio format, you can choose the WAV type of audio format. It is the most professional audio file format. WAV audio format files are best used for mixing, tracking, and mastering. It is majorly used in Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming service. Wav is an uncompressed audio format. Wav has a frequency higher than 48kHz.

2. AIFF:

AIFF uncompressed file format is used in Apple’s software. It is PCM-based that is Pulse-Code Modulation format. AIFF does not compress and delete. AIFF is the best quality to use by engineers. It is the highest quality; the designed some in quality as WAV. It is used for mixing or mastering engineering. Apple developed AIFF files, but AIFF can also play on the Windows Operating System.

3. FLAC:

FLAC (free lossless audio codec) is known to be the most popular lossless audio format by choice. It offers the highest quality audio format to file size ratio. FLAC can recreate files as big as 32 bits and a frequency of 192kHz rate. FLAC audio formats are supported by QuickTime but not supported by iTunes. Regardless of using devices like PC or Apple, these files can be received, sent, and played. This can be done without the need for third-party software. In recent times, FLAC files are playing on Quick time, making them Apple compatible.

4. AAC:

The version that came out after MP3; this is to bring the best version of MP3, named AAC. So we can say that AAC files are designed to compete with the MP3 audio format files. Though it was created, it does not meet the popularity of MP3 file format. AAC file format is a great choice for creating and sending small files which are compressed. Finally, we can say that the AAC file format provides the best quality than the MP3 file format at a very less size. In recent times, the best lossy file format is AAC audio file format.

5. MP3:

MP3 is the most popular audio format used and available. The terms like MP3 and audio file are used interchangeably by the users because MP3 is used as an audio file. The reason that the MP3 is more popular is because of its versatility. MP3 can work on any software and operating system; it works regardless of the platform; this is why all users choose MP3 as the best audio format.

6. ALAC:

ALAC is Apple’s Lossless audio file format. It was designed for use with Apple products. ALAC became open-source in 2011. Open source means that the encoders can be used to convert the ALAC file easily playable on other operating systems.

ALAC supports up to 32 bits and a frequency sampling rate of up to 384kHz. This makes anyone looking to choose ALAC audio file format.


So, after long research, we can conclude that many audio file formats are designed to play on the specialized operating system and specialized platforms and devices. But among the mentioned list above, MP3 is the most popular and best audio file format used by everyone on every device and platform.

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