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Top 7 Mobile Games You Might Have Missed This Summer


We all have enjoyed a lot this summer as it has been long due to COVID-19. During this long period, we have run out of interesting mobile games, books, and also hobbies. Even after trying lots of interesting New mobile games, sometimes we got bored from all of these and by sitting at home. But, wait have you played some of the most amazing mobile games that we have listed here?

Top 7 Mobile Games You Might Have Missed This Summer

In this article, we will guide you with the wonderful and exciting latest mobile game that can be played while getting bored or passing the time.

Top 7 Electrifying Mobile Games You Will Like to Play for Sure

No matter what you select, be it free-to-play titles or premium launches. You have to pick the games that are suitable for your requirements and interest. Take a look at these astounding games to play-

1. Dots & Boxes game

To have a new dots and boxes match game, try this Dots and boxes game that is counted among Latest play store games. The main object of this game is to make a combination of dots and boxes to become the winner. It has an amazing dashboard with three modes, including online, offline, and to play with friends. When you can meet the four dots with the four lines, you will get the chance to continue the game.

2. Crossing Jump game

To play an exciting and impressive mobile game, you can choose this one. It is known as an improved and better time-spending key in which a player or user can play this on their tablets and smartphones. In this game, levels are dependent on the targeted locations to complete. As a user, you have to create a bridge to go from one pillar to another. If you fall, you lost, and if not, you are the winner, so play carefully.

3. Latest Jump

Do you like challenging mobile games? If yes, then try this one of the top and New mobile games that are free for users. This game has a large fan base and is easy to play too. This game has various features with lots of benefits. It is an addictive game that keeps the users binge on this interesting game.

4. Helical Jump

Helix Jump game is the most interesting game that is easy to play and access with vivid features. This game is the best option to pass your free time along with having an electrifying adventure. In this game, the user can’t change the position of the on-screen ball, but he can wobble the on-screen pillar. Consider gap plates, and you will be out if ball colours touch the strip.

5. Crusaders Quest

This game developed by NHN Entertainment Corp. is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free of cost. It includes some of the best parts of RPGs along with the characters and forces you to strategize the teams differently to reduce PVP challenges and various quests. This one of the best play store games is a replica of “Final Fantasy”. In this, you have to make a team of three to crash the path to the boss through various waves of masses by unbridling blends of skill blocks. After grasping the game mechanics, it will be more fun to play this game rather than those other Chinese panache character mobile games.

6. Super Monsters

Pik Pok and adult swim developed this game. This powerful and psychotic matching mobile game is free for both the platforms Android and iOS. It is the second outing of the game as in the first one, and it has unlimited hysterical craziness. This game also offers some additional points for orientations of super Japanese culture to enormous monsters.

As a user, you can swipe odd condos, be it right or left to provide two same coloured monsters. These condos fall to build s matching combos to torrent into extra combo chains. Also, it provides freemium style improvements, usually and power-up currencies.

7. Giant Boulder of Death

It is known as great gameplay followed by an amazing story. You will play as a frustrated boulder who wants to take vengeance from a town due to defeating your girlfriend to create a statue. This one of the New app store games has different coloured cubic graphics to give the user a good visual experience. In this, have control and guide the boulder to smash and to neglect all types of unconventional structures and objects.

Final Thoughts

These above-listed games are so popular among people and engaging too. These few latest titles will help you to enjoy and have some fun with something different. To have some more exciting games like this, you can contact Zuobox, a leading game app development company. We will provide you with quality services at an appropriate price. Give us a chance!


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