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Ultimate Guide to the Types of Poly Mailers


When selecting packaging, poly mailers are a wonderful option. These make an affordable and simple solution to ship customers’ goods. Poly mailers have exceptional resistance against dirt, dust, tampering, and moisture. It is important to understand the right type of poly mailers to match your business requirements. Below is a guide to the types of poly mailers to make your selection easier.

Ultimate Guide to the Types of Poly Mailers

Layflat poly mailers

These are the most common option when searching for poly mailers. Layflat poly mailers are flat plastic bags for holding various items including books, t-shirts, magazines, and pants. These mailers are lightweight but strong enough to protect contents. The best thing is that poly mailers don’t need much extra cushioning. For customization, you can add labels or stamp to these mailers with your logo and other product details. Poly mailers are quick to seal with some coming with an adhesive strip.

Clear view poly mailers

This type of poly mailer is ideal for shipping items including brochures, catalogs, magazines, and other printed materials. These poly mailers come with a transparent front to allow giving a sneak peek of the content on arrival. The back of the mailers is opaque to allow placing labels, postage, and other appropriate shipping information. Additionally, clear view poly mails are self-sealable making them easy use with a simple peel and stick strip.

Bubble-lined poly mailers

An upgrade of layflat poly mailers, these come with an interior cushioned with bubble wrap. Bubble-lined poly mailers are ideal when looking for cheap bubble mailers bulk for goods that require extra protection. Using these mailers eliminates need for using a fully packed box. These mailers are for delivering small fragile times to low shipping costs. Bubble-lined poly mailers are self-sealable and ideal for items including:

  • Jewelry
  • Small electronics
  • Delicate books

Expansion poly mailers

For keeping bulky items easily, expansion poly mailers make a wonderful solution. These mailers come with a distinct expandable side gusset. You can overpack these mailers because of their high strength seams for keeping items secure. These mailers have exceptional resistance to tampering, dirt, dust, and moisture. Some of the items that are ideal for packaging in expansion poly mailers include catalogs, jackets, binders, and hoodies. With a self-seal closure, using these mailers is highly convenient.

Colored poly mailers

To make your packaging with mailers stand out, use colored poly mailers. These are layflat poly mailers that come in various colors. You can personalize these mailers more with labels or ink. One of the most amazing features of these poly mailers is protection from dust, moisture, and dirt. Additionally, these mailers come with a peel and stick strip at the top making them self-sealable.

Long poly mailers

Just like the name, long poly mailers are regular poly mailers with extra length for supporting longer and narrow items. Companies that ship rolls of posters, gift wrap, or fabrics need this kind of poly mailer. Using long poly mailers requires inserting the item through at the opening. For protection, the mailers have a self-seal adhesive to enclose the package.

Returnable poly mailers

Businesses that sell products online should be prepared for returns. Customers prefer buying from stores with a return policy that favors them. So, you have to plan on how to handle returns in case they come. Luckily, returnable poly mailers make a wonderful solution to allow customers to return goods purchased online.

The mailers come with two options for self-seal adhesive closures with one for the first shipment and the other for use in case the customer has to return the product. The returnable mailer is convenient for your customers and your receiving center. There is peace of mind that the product returns arrive in protective packaging to keep the item intact. Knowing that they can return items they don’t like makes customers love your brand more.

Tyvek poly mailers

These are mailers stronger with a unique polyethylene fiber blend instead of regular paper. It makes the Tyvek poly mailers to have extremely durable plastic that feels like paper. Tyvek is material made from plastic fibers but lighter than Kraft paper. This allows limiting shipping weight to cut costs.

These mailers come with a peel and seal flap making them ideal for shipping items like photographs, paperwork, and important documents. The lightweight and extreme durability of these mailers backed by a lightweight design allow saving significantly on postage. These mailers are highly versatile to match various purposes including tamper-proofing evidence.

Bottom line

The choice of packaging can make or break a business. Customers look forward to receiving their items in good condition. Investing in appropriate packaging is a major role for business owners. Mailers are cheap and effective packaging for various products. These come in various options including poly mailers. These come in different types to serve different purposes including bubble-lined poly mailers and returnable poly mailers.


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