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Updated Web Design Hacks for Brand Building


You have two samples of tea in front of you, one is branded and the other one isn’t. What would be your preference? You’d prefer the branded one, right? Yes, even I would go with the branded one. The same applies to different items whether they are of any use. People prefer those that are branded because branded products are trustworthy.

Updated Web Design Hacks for Brand Building

The concept of branding might sound facile but we have no idea how deep it goes to establish firm roots. Branding is like a product getting baptized because it gets an identity & name. Talking about the current marketing era, its all digital. Only a single click can get things done for you. Right from attracting customers to expanding the client-cobweb, everything is just a single click away!

However, these things too, are not less than dodging a bullet. And, having a brand is not sufficient in the existing era, especially when you want to sustain your identity. Hence, having a website is a must with appropriate corporate web design. A corporate website is an official website of a brand where it displays the information, portfolio, and other details. To build the brand with corporate website design, some elements are a must that help a business burgeon. A list of some essential elements is compiled below.

Elements of a Corporate Website

A corporate website is a strategically designed website. It tells everything that a brand proffers to its consumers. As per a recent survey conducted amid the startups in the 2nd quarter of 2019, those having logos gained better responses from those who didn’t have. Since it helps the business to flourish, the must-haves for it include:

#1. A Logo

A logo to a company is what a face to a human body. Without a logo, a brand lacks identity. A strategically designed logo is the best way of marketing the products/services offered by a brand. Creating an attractive logo requires an understanding of the brand services/products, color scheme, and size. Adding a message in the logo is even better strategy to excel in the market. Baskin Robbins, Le Tour de France, FedEx etc., are some creative examples of logos with a message.

#2. The tone of Content

Never stay untouched of this golden rule. The tone always matters, whether it is traditional marketing or digital marketing. As a digital marketing expert, I highly emphasize on keeping a friendly tone with clients just to get closer. Let me explain the scenario practically.

A. You go to purchase TV. As you enter the showroom, the seller directly tells the price. That’s all. Would you buy?

Now, here’s another scenario.

B. You go to purchase TV. As you enter the showroom, the seller asks the query, tells the price, and explains some deals too. What do you do?

Obviously, the second scenario sounds better, right. Hence, maintaining the tone is mandatory. Now since you’re getting a corporate website designed, keep the tone polite but formal every time. Avoid industry jargon so that clients do not find it hard to comprehend.

#3. The Right Idea

Having the right idea of corporate web design is essential for brand upscale. With my experience, I suggest that while designing a website for a corporate firm, it is a must to consider several things. An apt vision, prime aspect of design, and accurate display of graphics & CTA positioning will carve a sturdy foundation of the corporate website.

#4. Social Media- An Outclass Apprentice

Trust me, social media is the best medium to reach an anonymous target audience in a breath. As soon as a website is created for corporate business, ensure that a page is also built on different social media platforms. Since a sizable global populace is active on social media, make sure that your brand gets in touch with consumers via social media.

#5. Positioning of Logo

Gone are the days when it was mandatory for corporate websites to follow the ‘logo placement norms’. C’mon people, its 2020 and this trend is now history. Placing the company logo on the left upper front is no more a compulsion. It can be placed in the center or upper right front as well. After all, corporate web designers know how to do their job.

#6. Neatness

Make the best use of white space, add original images depicting the work, non-plagiarized content, and a responsive design are the key elements that define the neatness of the website. Moreover, keep in mind the fonts you use. A visitor visiting the website should be able to read the content. Readable and printable fonts are different, so, keep the font simple.

Final Words

You just scrolled past through the updated brand building tips with the right website design. By implementing these techniques, one can upscale the brand’s online presence in no time! Happy brand building to you.

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