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Way to Choose A CCTV Security Camera System for Home


Once you have decided to buy an apartment or house, it is recommended that you look for measures to protect your investment. One of those measures is to install security systems that include remote surveillance. In this regard, households have two main options: CCTV cameras and IP cameras. Here is a detail of the steps to consider for choosing the correct security camera system:

Way to Choose A CCTV Security Camera System for Home

  1. Opt for a camera, or set of cameras, with their respective lenses, essential elements to capture images.
  2. Adequate lens to cover the area to be monitored.
  3. Decide if it will be necessary to control the movement of the security systems from a control point.
  4. Possibility of generating the transmission of images.
    5. Power protection equipment (UPS).

The detailed ones are the essential elements to take into account to choose CCTV security systems and have complete peace of mind in any type of property.

Features That The Best Types Of Security Cameras Must Have:

  • Good image quality
  • Great storage power
  • Efficient night vision
  • Alarm functions
  • Quality in face detection and zoom
  • Examples of security cameras

Good Image Quality

A security camera is a very important tool to maintain the tranquility of a house, so the quality of the image they provide is of utmost importance in the event of a mishap or theft. The average megapixel that a good home security camera should have is 3-5 mpx.

Remember glamorize home is not fair enough, the security of your house and your family is a priority that deserves a good investment and a lot of time of consideration to make a good decision.

Great Storage Power

Unless you have the time to review the recordings of your home security system daily and purify the information constantly, having a good storage system in the memory card of these tools will be very useful in the event that they occur.

There are even security cameras that have the H. 265+ feature, which is an intelligent compression format that saves up to 80% of storage and bandwidth, in case the system is connected to Wi-Fi.

This will help you have more hours of recording, and you can relax knowing that you do not have to constantly select and delete files to have more space on the memory card.

Efficient Night Vision

It is not enough just to have a clear image by day. The night is even more important. Having an efficient home security system capable of detecting what happened, even at night, is of utmost importance.

Night vision works through tubes that absorb light and amplify or intensify it, illuminating the image so that shadows do not interfere in the process of identifying events, and darkness does not exceed the image.

Alarm Functions

There are many types of security systems of various shapes and materials, for example, anti-vandalism with movement, bullet type, plastic or metal. However, a feature that should not be missing in this type of care tools is the integration of an efficient alarm to aid detection and especially stopping theft or accidents.

Consider getting home security cameras that feature motion sensors that detect abnormalities in the spaces they are monitoring. And that immediately triggers an alarm that alerts homeowners and authorities of any intrusion into the home.
Having a suitable and sensitive motion sensor is the most recommended when making the choice of a security system.

Quality In Face Detection And Zoom

In addition to all of the above, security systems is of little use if it fails to detect minimal details in a dangerous situation.
It is true that the number of megapixels that the image has is crucial to detect the environment and panorama. However, the fact that the security system has face detection software and small details is an advantage that you should not miss—overlooked when making a purchase decision.

In other words, it is not very useful to have a good image color if you cannot recognize details such as a person’s face or the number on the license plates of a vehicle

So, by now you have known the importance of security systems and how you should choose one.

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