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What Are The Phases Of A Relationship?


Like the human life cycle, academics, and pregnancy, relationships go through stages. Have you re-cently entered into an agreement with another individual to be in a personal relationship? If so, there is no time like now to start preparing. Being fully prepared will ensure you know how to respond to the ups and downs every relationship is bound to go through. Knowing this data will put you one step ahead in the process of building a new relationship. Below, you will discover more about the phases of a relationship.

What Are The Phases Of A Relationship

Awkward Phase

The awkward phase is fairly self-explanatory. During this phase, the couple exhibits awkwardness when in each other’s presence. It is only natural for humans to feel awkward or uncomfortable around someone they have just met. At this point, both partners are concerned about saying or doing something to offend, embarrass, shock, or scare the other away. Even if you make a mishap, you can only hope your new partner will stick around to see the relationship in the second phase.

Relationship awkwardness comes in many forms. For example, you may feel awkward when sharing Snapchat nudes with your partner. Do not jump to conclusions, as this is normal.

Attraction “Fantasy” Phase

You are still getting to know each other. If the relationship has made it this far, it is obvious the couple are attracted to each other. Your relationship would have taken off if there were no attraction. It is likely, you have heard experts refer to this point as the “fantasy phase.” If you haven’t already, you should find yourself daydreaming about your new partner. It is not unusual for individuals to daydream about their partners. Maybe your daydreams are about an intimate moment or a laugh you shared with your new partner.

Whatever the case may be, this phase of the relationship is filled with admiration, passion, and satisfac-tion.

Honeymoon “Romance” Phase

During the honeymoon phase, the couple id beginning to open up about their feelings. This may not be the right time to express love, but it is bound to happen at some point. You must approach this phase carefully to avoid scaring your partner away.

Not everyone is prepared to speak of love at this point. One or both partners may feel it is too early. If your new partner does not have a history of a long-time relationship, there may be a legitimate reason why. This reason could be nothing more or less than fear. Yes, some young people are nowhere ready to enter a full-blown relationship that involves intense love. So, tread carefully because you have no idea how your new partner will respond to an “I Love You” confession.

Disappointment “Crisis” Phase

This is the phase of a relationship where one or both partners begin to question the relationship. Some-thing as simple as a verbal argument will make you question the legitimacy of the relationship. When both partners are sharing the same feelings, it is crucial to keep your head on straight.

Even if you are irate, it is crucial to think before speaking. If the relationship is not strong enough to sustain something as simple as a verbal argument, it will never advance to the next phase.


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