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Write a Passionate Letter to your Boyfriend in Jail by Reading these Sample Letters


Writing love letters to boyfriend in jail could be a great deal as you need to empathise the situation of the person. More you cannot write anything that can hurt their sentiments and force them to feel bad about their situation. That is why it is crucial that you take some idea about writing love letter to your boyfriend who is currently in Jail from professionals. Here are few sample letters in that context given below by professionals. You can easily check them out in order to get a vague idea about writing a best lover letter to your lover in jail.

Write a Passionate Letter to your Boyfriend in Jail by Reading these Sample Letters

Tips for writing Love Letter to your lover in Jail

If you are in a state of limbo that how to write a letter to your boyfriend in Jail then following tips can be significant for you.

  1. Be gentle and do not hurt him with the sword of your words.
  2. Try to make him feel good even he is culprit.
  3. Let him know that he is not alone in the tough time.

Free best Sample letters to Boyfriend in jail

Here are few best sample letters to boyfriend in jail that can be considered as guide to write a letter in customized way for your lover. It is always good to have professional touch in your letter especially when you are writing it for someone in such a bad situation of them. So have a look on the following sample letters and write down the one for your love by expressing your feelings towards him in best possible way.

Sample #1 Letter to boyfriend in Jail on his Birthday

Life has been too cruel towards you in past couple of years since the time you were found guilty for crime not committed by you. But you do not need to be panic at all and feel lonely in this tough time of yours when the entire world is standing against you as I am always there two steps behind in your every thick and thin. No matter whatever will be the situation you will always get my full support in every way be it emotional, financial and legal as well. Today is the most auspicious day of your life when you came to this world and I am very grateful to the God for sending you on this earth for me. Wishing you a very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart and I hope we will be celebrating your birthday together in times to come. Whenever negative thoughts hit your brain always remember that trials and tribulations are the part of our life and nobody can remains segregated from them.

There is always a dawn after every dark night and same will happen in your case as well and I am waiting for that dawn in your life by praying with both hands to the God. With that I am giving a period to my words here and waiting for you passionately!

We will be soon together,

Happiest Birthday once again.

Sample#2 Love Letter to Boyfriend in Jail

I was trying to jot down my feelings on paper for a long time but every time I end up in tears as destiny showed the ugliest face to you in last six months. I never even imagined such phase in our life which can put us apart from each other. I can empathise your dire pain you must be enduring during this hard time but believe me it will come to an end soon. All the evidences are proves are in your favour and I am damn sure that you will be acquitted soon on legal grounds. I know your friends, neighbours and other people must be giving you strange look every time you pass by them in the court but you need to ignore them as of now. This is because all of them will behave normally to you when they will come to know about your innocence. Do not find yourself alone in this battler as I am always holding your hand in this bad time of yours. I have a complete trust on you and it is hard to believe that you can commit such heinous crime. If you are thinking that I will leave you in this difficult time then you are untrue my dear as I will always be faithful for you forever and after. It is getting tough to continue my words on this lifeless paper as I cannot express my feelings through words how bas I am feeling for you. We will talk in length and breadth when you will complete your term and I am waiting for that day for long time in eagerness.

Sample#3 Best Letter to Boyfriend in Jail

My dear Love! The life has been very painstaking in last three years since when you left me in dire pain. I am counting every day and week with utmost harness with the hope that you will join me soon. Nothings appeal me nowadays and I kept on thinking about you throughout the day. I am very much worried about your condition there as you must be getting ill treated by the legal authorities for crime not done by you. This world has been always cruel to innocent people and same is happening to you my dear. People near me enjoying their life at full and our friends are getting married one after another. By seeing them celebrating their days I really start missing you and pray to the almighty for your release from the Jail soon. I am waiting for you till the end when you will come out from that shit and we will get married soon. I had few words with reputed lawyers past week and they ensure me that you will be with me very soon. So do not let the poor thoughts hit your mind and be cheerful even in this hard time of yours as everything that happens is born to happen and we cannot do anything on it. So just pray like me that we will be meeting soon and enjoying our life for the full.

So if you are looking for the tips about how to write a letter to my boyfriend in Jail then above sample and guide for writing such letters can be taken into account by you.


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