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What is the Difference Between Dental Tape and Dental Floss?


Since quite long the dentist has been directing the focus of the patients towards flossing the teeth to keep it healthy. The use of dental floss has increased manifolds. The patients are now more careful about their oral health, as a result, they have been using all the preventive measures such as brushing twice a day with special attention on flossing the teeth daily.

For flossing a patient can use either a dental tape or dental floss. Both serve the same purpose just the way they work differs. Dental tape as the name suggests is the long strip of nylon with wax or it can be a polythene fiber which is used to clean the surface of the teeth and the area between the teeth. Dental floss, on the other hand, is a single strand made of different materials such as nylon, rubber, or plastic. It is used to remove the food particles and plaque between the tooth.

What is the Difference Between Dental Tape and Dental Floss

It so happens that the toothbrush does not reach to all the part of the mouth such as the areas between the teeth and also the gumline, for this, both dental floss and dental tape come to the rescue.

If we majorly talk of the difference between the dental tape and dental floss, we will come to the following pointers:

1. Dental tape is best for the patients who have gaps in between their teeth as it is a flat surface and pass easily between the teeth cleaning the teeth thoroughly. Dental Floss, however, is a thin strand or a cord which is used on teeth with no spaces and is helpful in removing the food particles and plaque from the teeth.

2. Another difference between the two is that dental tape is flatter and stretchy in nature. It has been into the picture in a few years or so. Whereas, the dental floss is an age-old practice. It is in since the day strings came into existence. Though over the years, the manufacturers of the floss have added flavors to the same like cinnamon and mint.

3. With the invention of dental tape, there has been an inclination towards it slides easily between the teeth and is not harsh on gums like floss can be sometimes.

4. Besides being flavored, the dental floss comes in other varieties as well. Dental Floss is sometimes waxed, unwaxed, ultra-flosser or even water flosser. Dental tape, on the other hand, is generally waxed.

5. When it comes to suitability, dental floss can be used for various purposes. For instance, if you have periodontal problems, then woven yarn floss is the best alternative. If your teeth have a tight contact in them, then thin Teflon floss is most suitable. In case you have cavities, then the fluoride floss works the best. Not only this people who smoke or are heavy drinkers of coffee or tea but a new range of floss have also been introduced which will help to clear out such stains from the teeth. Dental tape does not have such advantages, they are suitable only for the people who have spaces between the teeth and are preferred by people with bridge work.

Whatever difference be in the stage make sure that you floss your teeth daily. Despite all these differences, the ultimate decision will be made by the consumer. They need to try both in order to know what works best for them. It is heavily reliant on the comfort of the consumer as there aren’t any cost implications. Both the products cost more or less the same.

Irrespective of the type of floss you have chosen the way of flossing will be the same. In both the cases, you need to get 18 inches floss and wind the end on both your middle fingers. Make sure that your grip on the dental floss you use is tight enough to use. After this, place the floss between the teeth and the gum until you feel its resistance. Then, gently scrape the side of the tooth moving it away from the gums.

Make sure that you follow this procedure on all the teeth. in case you are still confused about how to use the floss, visit the best dental clinic and learn in from the dentist there. If you do not know which clinic to visit, then search for a dentist near me options and select amongst the same.


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