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Who are the Buyers of Specialty Coffee


Green coffee beans, which are the unroasted seeds of coffee cherries, serve as the essential foundation for producing roasted coffee. If you’ve ever considered the possibility of purchasing green coffee to roast on your own, the answer is a resounding yes. Many individuals and companies opt to buy green coffee https://festcoffeemission.com/en/price/ for various reasons, including cost-effectiveness and the opportunity to acquire specialty coffee. These customers are typically affiliated with the coffee industry, and when it comes to companies engaged in coffee imports, specific customer segments may seek to purchase green coffee from them. And if case you wondered who might be such customers, we have answers for you:

Coffee Roasters

Specialists and companies who mainly roast coffee can buy green coffee beans in bulk to transform them into the flavorful roasted coffee, and reach for roasted coffee customers.

Specialty Coffee Shops

Such shops prefer to roast their beans in-house to ensure the freshest and most distinctive flavors. They source green coffee beans that align with their desired taste profiles and offerings.

Wholesalers and Distributors

They buy green coffee beans in large quantities to supply various coffee roasters and shops.

Coffee Importers

Importers are responsible for sourcing green coffee beans from coffee-producing regions and then selling them to roasters, specialty shops, or wholesalers in other countries.

Home Coffee Roasters

Enthusiasts and homebrewers who enjoy the art of coffee roasting may buy green coffee beans to experiment with different roast levels and flavors at home.

Micro-Roasters and Craft Coffee Companies

Smaller-scale roasters and craft coffee companies that focus on unique flavor profiles and specialty coffee may also buy green coffee to maintain better control over the roasting process.

Coffee Brokers

Brokers facilitate transactions between green coffee producers and buyers and connect coffee growers with potential buyers, which can include roasters and importers.

Research and Development (R&D) Departments

Some larger coffee companies or research institutions may purchase green coffee beans for experimentation, development of new coffee blends, or quality testing.

Buying green coffee presents numerous advantages for businesses in the coffee industry, providing cost savings, creative freedom, and opportunities to develop strong partnerships with coffee farmers. This raw ingredient forms the foundation for crafting the exceptional and diverse coffee experiences enjoyed by coffee enthusiasts around the globe.

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