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Unconventional Pizza Experiences Around the World


Few food items can match the international popularity of pizza. The Italian dish has been a staple of celebration parties, everyday meals, and late-night cravings. Due to its familiarity, finding innovative ways to spice up the menu can be challenging, even for a leading pizza chain.

Unconventional Pizza Experiences Around the World

However, some pizzerias the world over found fresh and remarkable ways to deliver the famous flat pie. Check out these unique pizza experiences and items from restaurants in the country and across the globe.

Asia – Creative Pizza Crust Variations

In South Korea, many pizza chains offer ingenious crust options instead of traditional plain dough. One option that’s perfect for seafood lovers is the shrimp roll crust, which has small dough bites with cooked shrimps at the center.

Another favorite is the sweet potato mousse crust, which comes stuffed with the bits of the delectable root crop. Lastly, a tasty dessert option for people with a sweet tooth is the cookie crust. This pizza variation has a crust made of cookie mix and comes served with blueberry sauce for dipping.

Los Angeles and Tennessee – Humongous Party Pizzas

A leading pizza chain in Los Angeles has a famous pie that’s so big that it won a Guinness World Record for its size. Dubbed the Giant Sicilian, the 54-inch square pizza can feed around 70 people, which makes it suitable for large gatherings and parties on the Hollywood scene. The gigantic 200-dollar dish comes with toppings such as cheese, pepperoni, and tomato, though customers are free to add extra ingredients for a fee.

Another sizable offering comes with the 60′ Party Package from a restaurant in Tennessee. The $350 bundle includes an enormous pizza with customizable toppings and several drinks. The pie, which serves up to 40 people, is so large that the shop delivers it to your table by crane using a specialized machine.

Costa Rica – World’s Remotest Pizzeria

If you want to try a quiet and peaceful dining adventure, you can visit what’s considered the most secluded pizza shop in the world. Located in El Castillo, Costa Rica, the pizzeria stands within the rainforest of the Volcán Arenal national park. The surrounding mountains, wildlife, and lagoons provide beautiful scenery while you enjoy your meal.

The store is over 80 miles from the nearest city, ensuring a sit-down culinary experience that distinguishes itself from metropolitan dining. Guests of the exclusive restaurant can also commemorate their visit by leaving their mark through the diner’s wall of signatures.

Brazil – Sweet Fruit-Based Pizza

South America’s largest country offers its unique take on the Italian dish through a sweet and savory twist. Brazil’s signature pizza combines banana and cheese, two flavors widely favored by the locals’ palettes.

The dessert pie uses a standard mozzarella base with generous toppings of the plantain slices, typically paired with other saccharine ingredients such as sugar, chocolate, cinnamon, cream, and various fruits. This delicacy is available in any leading pizza chain, plus it’s a prevalent home-baked treat in most homes.

Australia – Vegemite Filling in Pizza Crust

In January 2015, Pizza Hut Australia introduced the Mitey Stuffed Crust on its menu as part of the Australia Day celebration. The patriotic pizza option has a thick crust filled with Vegemite, a local spread made of home-grown yeast, vegetables, and spices.

While the limited-edition flavor is as Australian as can be, it launched to mixed results, with some customers embracing the ingredient’s addition and others hating the unusual offering. Despite the polarizing reception, no one can deny the impact and innovation of the Mitey Stuffed Crust pizza.

Canada – Expensive Pizza With Fancy Ingredients

The See Nay pizza is ideal for customers with expensive taste buds. Offered by a Vancouver pizzeria with a price tag of $850, the 12-inch pie’s medley of toppings includes Russian Osetra caviar, white truffles, lobster ratatouille, tiger prawns, and smoked steelhead. This extravagant creation is designed for a single person’s consumption and requires ordering a day in advance if you want a slice.

Visit Your Pizza Place and Enjoy New or Familiar Offerings

While one-of-a-kind experiences are available in international restaurants, nothing beats eating a delicious meal in your neighborhood. Call or visit a leading pizza chain and grab a slice today. Whether you want pepperoni and cheese or a more peculiar topping combination, the beauty of pizza is that you can enjoy it any way you want to.

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