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Why Is Pest Control Essential for Business During COVID-19?


During the current pandemic, many businesses have gone through an economic crisis. Where the health care department is making its maximum efforts to win the battle against COVID-19 at the same time, companies are fighting their battle against pests. There are numerous pests in the urban environment which lead to diseases, contamination, and even cause physical damage to the buildings. According to WHO, there are almost 30 pathogens that could spread just due to rodents. Moreover, pests like cockroaches, flies, and insects are a significant health concern for all business sector buildings. Hospitals, food processing plants, warehouses, hotels, and other residential areas offer an ideal environment for pest infestation.

Why Is Pest Control Essential for Business During COVID-19

Impact of Pests on Businesses:

Buildings are the perfect shelter for pests to breed. Moreover, during the current lockdown situation in the world, these do not face any human disturbance. This allows them to access every corner of the building to build nests.

Rodents are causing severe damage to the building infrastructure. They shred nesting material and often damage the electric supply of the building. Due to the less human disturbance, birds are also nesting inside the building. They destroy the roof of the building and block drains, which could lead to flooding damage. According to a survey, pest infestation has affected more than 70% of businesses in the world during these uncertain times. Therefore, the protection of buildings during lockdown is essential for businesses and employees.

How to Control Pest Infestation?

To control pest infestation, you have to adopt a strict pest control program. Only by following strict protocols, you would be able to maintain essential operations of your business. There is a wide range of actions you could take to prevent pest infestation. However, if pests already infest your building, you should contact pest control exterminators to get rid of the problem. They have the right training and products to exterminate pests from your premises.

The best way to protect yourself is by taking precautionary measures. Regular maintenance of the building and overall pest inspection always helps. However, for your convenience, we are sharing some tips for controlling some common pests.

Controlling Cockroaches:

Cockroaches prefer dark places such as cracks, drains, and sewers as a shelter. Sometimes they even hide in machinery and equipment. Hiding in such spots allow them to emerge at night and hunt for food in the building. Therefore, good sanitation practices would cut their food supply. Some additional things you should do are listed below.

  • Regular inspection of the building to detect infestations.
  • Regular cleaning of the building to remove food residues.
  • Store food in containers so that it does not come in contact with the cockroaches.
  • Remove trash from the premises daily.
  • Always keep the garbage in closed containers.
  • Seal all the access points for cockroaches such as window creeks.

Controlling Flies:

Flies are the most common pests faced by most people. However, controlling them is not that difficult. You have to follow standard hygiene practices. So, follow the given steps to control flies:
• Regularly clean the food storage and preparation area.
• Do not keep food waste inside the building and always use covered bins to dispose of such items.
• Implement standard hygiene practices in canteen and kitchen area.
• Ensure that the drains are never blocked, and they do not accumulate any kind of organic matter.
Apart from hygienic practices, you have to take care of the maintenance of the facility. Specific maintenance and design measures you should take to control flies are listed below.
• Keep the windows and screens of the building in good condition.
• The use of automatic doors, air curtains, and vinyl strip at the gates would keep the flies away from entering the building.
• Keep all the doors and windows closed.
• Close all the gaps in the windows and doors so that the insects could not enter.
• Use insect light traps to catch flies and to prevent their breeding.

Pest Control for Stored Products:

Stored food products are more susceptible to pest infestation. Therefore, warehouses that are used to store cereals, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, powder milk, and other food items often suffer from pest infestation. However, this infestation could be controlled by implementing standard measures throughout the supply chain. Some basic practices which could minimize the risk are listed below.

  • Opened packages are the reason for pest infestation, so always inspect every delivery for packaging.
  • Always store food in airtight fridges and containers.
  • Throw away any food item that is infested by pests.
  • Always use products that are stored earlier.

So, strongly advised to take some precautions for controlling pest problems within your business premises.


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