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Wood Burning Fireplace Maintenance Tips for Crispy Winters


There is nothing more interesting than an actual wood-burning fireplace in the colder months. During winters, the mesmerizing sound of dancing flames adds to the festivity. In order to enjoy this timeless crackling sound, wood-burning fireplace maintenance tips are necessary.

Wood Burning Fireplace Maintenance Tips for Crispy Winters

If your fireplace burns wood for real, you must follow genuine tips for its long life. Look forward to the Home Colours voucher codes for the most stylish fireplace accessories. You may need these after you have revamped your fireplace.

8 Wood Burning Fireplace Maintenance Tips

In most homes, a fireplace is a primary spot. It creates a homey feeling when the glowing fire embraces warmth. To make sure that you receiving the same comfort, follow these wood-burning fireplace maintenance tips.

Fill Gaps in the Brick Mortar

Over time, gaps start to create in the brick mortar inside any fireplace. It is because the extreme heat in the fireplace causes continuous expansion and contraction of materials. As a result, the bits of mortar on the firebricks start loosening and fall.

Fire, in this case, may seek a way through these gaps and lead to burning other structural pieces in your house. Therefore, use a mineral-based filler known as fireplace mortar and fill these gaps. Use a putty knife to wipe the loose mortar.

Clean the Chimney

Wood burning fireplace maintenance also includes the cleaning of your chimney. It creates a heavy amount of smoke and heat. Due to this, creosote starts filling the inside of your chimney and can cause a threatening fire that you cannot handle without any external help.

By cleaning the chimney, you get rid of the harmful creosote and any other flammable remains. Make sure to clean the chimney from top to bottom and collect the ashes within the firebox. You can buy a set of chimney-cleaning tools or take help from a service.

Purchase Appropriate Firewood

The condition of your fireplace is all about the type of wood that you burn in it. It is because burning the wrong type rapidly stains the inside of your fireplace and leads to recurrent cleaning. It is no doubt that softwood is less expensive than hardwood. Nonetheless, it burns quicker than hardwood and gets difficult to clean.

Also, softwood leads to the quick generation of creosote. Skip burning softwoods like poplar, spruce, balsam, and cedar. Focus on hardwoods like ash, oak, maple, and birch for a better and hotter burn.

Clean the Fireplace Bricks

You often maintain the quality of your fireplace and keep its screen airtight; but, smoke at the end find its way out of the firebox. Therefore, you can clean the fireplace bricks depending on the rate of their blackness.

For a mild texture, mix warm water with dishwashing detergent and scrub with table salt. In the case of moderate blackening, use dishwashing detergent, ammonia, and pumice. Lastly, if there is an extreme level of blackness on the bricks, use hot water and tri-sodium phosphate.

Change the Fireplace Screen

With time, wood-burning fireplaces start leaving ashes and embers from the firebox. It is dangerous for the house and also gets your living area dirty. Replacing the fireplace screen is the only solution in this case.

Fireplace screens are able to rest against or near the fireplace. You can find these in a variety of styles, textures, metals. You can install a glass fireplace screen and prevent smoke from leaving the firebox. These glasses are heat-proof and hold back smoke easily.

Examine the Flashing

Houses have a metal flashing that runs between the roof and your chimney. It is a protective layer that fights against water making way in your house. Often this flashing tears away or starts folding back due to pesky squirrels and birds.

Adopt a habit of inspecting your roof and make sure the flashing is intact. It will help you repair the flashing when needed.

Repair the Fireplace Mantel

With time, the fireplace mantel starts to wear off. So, if you are having one for a long time, it is time to replace and spruce up. Do not worry much and build a new mantel by using live-edge wood and or stock of walnut.

If you do not rebuild it, there are more chances that your wood-burning fireplace mantel will look unattractive. However, for the time being, you can redecorate the mantel by following different tips and revamp it fantastically.

Repair the Outside of Your Chimney

While focusing on the inside, you must fix the outside of your brick chimney too. Use an extension ladder and some masonry tools for this work. It will help you in repointing any patch cracks in the crown, missing bricks mortars, and also assist you in replacing the bricks.

You can always use the best online coupons on different home d├ęcor brands for finding these items. Keep the outside of your chimney updated and in shape.

More about Fireplace Maintenance Tips

These are some best wood burning fireplace maintenance tips that will help you always. Try to clean your fireplace and enjoy the crackling sound again this winter.


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