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10 Facebook Post Ideas That Gives High Engagement


Are you losing your followers on Facebook? Are you running out of ideas for your Facebook post?

Worry not, every other marketer is stressful of the increase competition and customer’s attention that is shifting on a bigger space. But what strategies to implement for capturing the lose engagement. This question might be tricky but not impossible to work on.

10 Facebook Post Ideas That Gives High Engagement

Let’s suppose if you as a marketer want to reach out tons of organic engagement you might go for something creative and different from others. For example, brands such as Taco Bell who knows what their brand actually represents therefore, they promote offers, contest, discounts and new product to fans who loves Mexican food. Secondly, Nike a sports product is not only considered sporty but it has a huge fan base in basketball, skateboarder, fitness trainers. Hence, Nike has segmented their niche in different Facebook pages to cater all the demographics separately.

10 Ways to increase your post ideas that gives high engagement rate

According to assignment writing service UK, it is difficult to understand the trends of Facebook these days and to combat those organic reach quite easily. But we feel when there is a way there is a will, we loved to share with you 15 most amazing strategies that actually works.

Post less to focus on quality over quantity

This is an unusual strategy to implement right! You might be thinking that. Fortunately, this unusual strategy works like a miracle. How? Look if you post less often you would grow significantly more reach approximately three times more. Because, less post equals to less compromising on quantity and more on quality. For instance, you as a marketer post three to four times a day you might struggle with various ideas of content. However, if you do exactly the opposite you may focus more on content, images your audience might love, trending topics and much more.

Have a one to one conversation

One great way to start conversation is to directly approach the specific person. This way you can easily convey your message to the right person, not making it disappeared in a long bubble of post.

Think accordingly on how you will convey your message or ask question directly to your audience. For example, there are many ways to ask question or to reach out organic audience. First align what type of question you would ask your audience, you can ask general question or something related to your business as well. You can even ask what are your plans for today or how are you guys spending time at home? etc.

Schedule your post time

You need to be strategic and smart in analyzing what is the best time to post on Facebook. Most of the influencers post their stories and content on 12PM, 3PM, and 7PM, these are some of the best slots to gather most of your audience. There are some statistics which shows the best time of all days is Wednesday at 11am to 1pm. And you will find lowest engagement on early morning and evening before 7am and after 5 pm each day.

Show blog post or articles

Relevant blog post is best to increase engagement and help boost followers as well as shares, likes and comments. An informative, relevant and target helps your audience to be more attracted towards such kind of post.

Posting testimonials and reviews

Testimonials are the quickest way to boost engagement and to convenience your audience. How? When you share your audience thoughts on social media more and more customers get attracted as well as it increases the credibility. You can also retweet those reviews from your website and put them in beautiful graphics, don’t forget to write their names.

Post video

Video content has become more and more popular Facebook post type. If you think your Facebook page has become quite dry or boring, you might want to incorporate a creative video strategy into your Facebook marketing plan. The statistics shows video content garners up to 8 Billion view per day. This is a time for you to focus more on visual content.

Sharing the content of others

Sharing content of others in your niche is another way to save time, rather than crafting in-depth research on specific topic that has been already written. You can easily share content that is written already by giving them credit.

Repost engaging photos

Viral photos and visuals that were popular previously can be repost again, if you ran out of ideas on internet. Some of the photos can be Gifs, Memes, Funny photos and quotes. As posting something irrelevant is much better than posting something that is relevant to your niche.

Free resources for your audience

Free stuffs are amazing and who do not love it, everybody does right! There are many free content given by brands to their audience as a free resource as well as white papers, E-books and blog post etc.

Contest and Giveaways

Best way to attract audience is put a post of giveaway or contest. It is a great way to reach out thousands of followers at a few days or weeks. For example, if you are fitness brand you might give protein powder or exercise equipment such as stretch band to celebrate 20K followers.

Final words

Are you ready to put all these post in your Facebook marketing strategy, then go for it? Let’s see which post does create actually engagement or organic reach to law dissertation writing service UK. You can learn more about optimizing your social media strategies.

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