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Fencing for Sub-Station and Bird Guards


Fencing is the complex structure of both aluminium and iron wires that are designed in such a way so that it can stand around a particular area that needs to be cover for the security purpose. It connects from wall to wall us using attachments. It is used in place of walls for the security purpose where we can have a view from a distance, whereas if a wall constructed around any area, it can’t allow us to see inside from a distance and one has to go inside through the gateway. Fencing here gives the advantage over the concrete wall, and also reliable for security purposes. At some places where tight security is not the main concern but a barrier has to be available so that the direct contact would not be allowed, fencing used for the security purpose, similarly if one wants to prevent an animal entry at a certain plain, fencing would be used there for the security. Some of the examples are Sub-stations, Park, Field, animal cage in the zoo, and some more restricted areas. There are many types of fencing available depending on the usage and place of use, but we will more discuss here the Fencing for substations and Bird Guards. Fencing that most uses for sub-stations are the electric fence and have advantages over the wall. Electric fences can also be used in such areas where high security required like in military areas, prisoners, and the big power plant.

Fencing for Sub-Station and Bird Guards

Sub-stations can manage voltage and can increase or reduce the electricity voltage so that the electricity can be reached in balanced voltage at the required areas. There are many sub-stations available in each city so that voltage can be managed at some different points. A sub-station is structured into few parts such as Ground, Ground wires Main Transformer for electric voltage, circuit, current transformer, and more. All these are installed in a ground area that needs to have a control board. This Installation should have fencing around the structure so that an animal or unwanted man can’t enter into it. These surrounding areas are known as sub-station fencing.

You might have seen an electric structure attached with current wires, surrounding by fencing and having a plane written Danger in it, that is called the sub-station fencing. These are widely used in sub-station for security not only in India but all over the world, hence there are lots of manufacturers in the market who provide a vast variety of fencing for sub-stations. If you are planning to buy fencing for sub-station or for your land, then you do not need to worry about it as VL Industries provide the best sub-station fencing in the market, you can see the products here:

For the security concern fencing is not the complete solution for a sub-station, it must have a Bird Guard to frighten the birds away. It is a complete device having electrical components to clamp at the transmission tower. It is installed at the tower of high voltage electrical transmission lines. Tower and the current-carrying lines are should not be in direct contact so the coating and the insulators are used. The connection between them can lead to a short circuit which may lead to stop the electricity flow. Birds around the urban areas use these towers for the nesting purpose, to prevent frighten birds and keep them away from it, Bird guard is used. The reason for using the bird guard is not to stop their nesting, but to keep them away so that they cannot make any harm to connections. Sometimes a large group of birds come around these electric structures and try to stay there for nesting purposes, these birds not cause damage to electricity distribution and lead to stop the electricity serving. Not only disruption in current flow but sometimes these birds are also dying due to the short circuit.

Here, a bird guard is the only choice for tower security. Bird guards are available in different shapes and sizes deepening on the usage. As bird guard is not only used in towers but also used at home walls to prevent the birds, so the prices different for each one. Nowadays you can buy bird guard from online at best prices, VL Industries is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of bird guard in Rajasthan. You can check the Bird Guard and all our products with the best available deal here:

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