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3 Exterior Home Improvements that Raise Value and Security


With all the news of break-ins and home burglaries today, it’s easy to feel like your home could be a target. It is difficult to have peace of mind when dealing with worries about your and your family’s safety. Luckily, there are several ways you can add more safety and security measures to your home’s exterior while also improving the overall value of your property. Read on to discover three improvements that will make your home safer and more valuable.

3 Exterior Home Improvements that Raise Value and Security

1. Adding Motion Lights

Motion lights are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to scare off potential thieves and even some unwanted critters. They give the illusion that someone is home and just turned on the lights. Most folks that are up to no good will turn around and scatter right away!

Second of all, you can install them in multiple areas, and they require minimal energy.

Motion-sensing lights are inexpensive, easy to install, and require little to no maintenance depending on the power source. Some are battery-powered, and others have a small solar panel that keeps them running. You can set the timer to remain “on” after being triggered for various times based on which model you buy.

2. Adding Security Cameras

Another type of electronic option is to add a video surveillance system. Do not let this be a daunting prospect, because the days of needing an expensive, professional home security system installed by an external company are long gone. Nowadays, you can order everything you need online, or simply buy it in an electronics store. All of the equipment ranges in terms of price and quality, so be sure to read all the reviews you can of each product before making an investment in one system. You can also check out Online Security Guard Training here.

Purchase at least one camera, but preferably two or three, so that you can access many angles and views of your property. It’s pretty standard that these cameras are able to hook up to your home’s WiFi, and then be able to broadcast a live feed to your phone, tablet and/or laptop. Motion can trigger the cameras, or you can have them streaming constantly. Burglars beware!

Some other features might be solar charging panels so that you do not have to keep your cameras plugged in, or a speaker so you can call out to prowlers from your own device, wherever you are. You could also have a system that is directly connected to your local police department. This is where a push of a button will call the authorities to your property, and then you’ll also be able to have the footage available for them.

3. Adding or Improving Your Fencing

Take a look at your property, and consider how it presents to outside viewers. Does it look safe and enclosed? Does it have aesthetic, solid fencing that implies security and solidity?

Something as straightforward as post and cable fencing might be the perfect look for fending off burglars and improving your land value. A fence ties every element on the outside of your home together and creates a visual barrier, protecting what’s behind it, and it’s all about presentation. A variety of options are available from reliable vendors that make durable, affordable, and stylish options to fit any size project and budget.

Keep Security in Mind

The bottom line is, criminals are looking for easy targets and will often just move on to the next target if presented with obstacles. Even the appearance of security, in addition to a general overall “presence” on your property, can go miles in terms of frightening people off. It’s definitely worth the investment.

You want the place to look occupied even if you’re out running errands, at a friend’s house, or even up at the lake for the weekend. Consider installing one or more of the options presented here for increased security and peace of mind. The bonus is that every one of them will also add value to your land property – so it’s a definite win-win!

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