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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle


Our modern way of life adversely affected the environment during the past century. Fortunately, individuals and even companies have gotten serious about saving the environment. Here are three of the things that you can do to help the environment:

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Recycle the Paper you Use

Computer usage has eliminated much of the need for paper, preventing the destruction of many trees. But how can you recycle the paper that you do use?

You can turn over any unimportant typed letters you receive in the mail and tear them into smaller sheets. Use them as shopping lists and a place to do quick computations, jot down a phone number, and other things. For the rest of your paper waste, you would need to find a nearby recycling center. You can locate them in the following ways:

  • Online search – You can find these on “recycling finder” websites. You can also do an online search for places the offer “green” ways to dispose of recyclable trash. This prevents the unnecessary overloading of landfills.
  • Look for Online Advertisements – Your local recycling center may advertise that they’d pay you money for scrap metal, aluminum cans, bottles, and other things. They’ll tell you where they are located. Also, your cell phone’s location service would find the closest recycle center.
  • Consult with Local Businesses – You can bet that businesses that use a lot of paper products are using a recycling center. Ask them where that center is.
  • Talk to you Waste Management Company – Your waste management company may offer recycling services in addition to waste collection services. Ask them about it.
  • Ask Management at your Local Home Improvement Store – Since Home Improvement sells recycle bins and garbage cans, employees there may know where the closest recycle center is.

Use Canvas Totes instead of Plastic Bags

Remember when the grocery store sacker would ask you, “Paper or plastic?” The goal was to save more trees by decreasing demand for them. Eventually, stores fully converted to using plastic bags. However, the tons of used non-biodegradable bags that have been dumped into the oceans over the years have caused eyesores along the beaches and problems for marine life.

Americans are reverting back to biodegradable toting solutions such as canvas. Naturally, the stores don’t provide free canvas totes as they do plastic bags. But they sell canvas totes to encourage their use. Not only do canvas totes help to save the environment, but their use cuts down on the amount of plastic bags the stores have to buy.

Conscientious customers purchase the canvas totes and use them to haul everything from groceries to crocheting projects. You can find canvas totes, bags, handbags, and backpacks. You’ll also see canvas shoes, electronic device cases, and tarps, along with items that canvas to make for many centuries. These include items such as ship sails, tents and painting surfaces for artists.

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric that is highly durable and strong. It was originally made from hemp, but now it is usually made out of cotton or linen. Although using modern canvas is a step in the right direction, today’s canvas also includes polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Get Around Locally on an Electric Bike

Bicycles have always been a cheap way to get around town. When compared to automobiles, motorcycles are also economical to buy, operate, and store. Now there’s a third two-wheeled option because along with the invention of the electrical car came the electric bike.

You can choose from folding, city, trail, off-road, mid-drive, and retro styles. You can also purchase replacement parts for it and add accessories, just as you would for a bicycle. Available accessories for this kind of bike include such things as extra inner tubes, chargers, LG lithium batteries, twist throttles, pedals with mold pins, and ceramic brake pads.

And although this bike closely resembles a regular bicycle, it doesn’t require the rider to pedal-power it. It doesn’t require the burning of gasoline either as motorcycles do. All this new kind of bike needs to power it along its way is the occasional electrical charge time.

Electricity-powered bikes run quietly. Another benefit is that you can purchase them directly from the manufacturer, saving you money.


Environmentalists have identified many ways companies and individuals can be more environmentally friendly. We’ve identified just three easy ones for you here, which were to recycle paper, use canvas totes, and get around on an electrical bike.

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