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5 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine


There are many who believe that how you start is how you’ll finish. There are even more who believe this, but can’t get their minds wrapped around how to execute. The key lies in how you start your day. Your morning routine can be the foundation for an excellent day in numerous ways. By tweaking your routine in a few ways, you can improve your effectiveness throughout the day.

5 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

1. Make Fewer Decisions

Decision fatigue is an issue that a lot of people face, but it’s not widely discussed. In order to avoid decision fatigue, Former President Barack Obama was known to keep his attire choices down to one or two simple options. If anything, you can focus on choosing your outfit the night before. Once it’s laid out, all you’ll need to do is put your clothes on. A lot of times, a good morning happens because it was planned the night before. Before you go to bed, think about everything you need to do the next day. Whether you need to pack your lunch, pay a few bills, or send an email, see what you can schedule and automate in advance. When you have fewer decisions to worry about, it’ll be much easier to focus on what’s most important.

2. Improve Your Nutritional Habits

Your body is the machine that carries you everywhere you need to go. Knowing this, you’ll need to provide the proper fuel for your journey. Don’t start your day with sugar-filled doughnuts and meats with saturated fat. Instead, find nutrient-rich options to provide energy. Consume foods that have lots of fiber and protein. If you love fruit and yogurt parfaits, make your own instead of sitting in a drive-thru line to get one that’s filled with sugar. Purchase your own choice of fruit and unsweetened yogurt. For a natural sweetener, choose ripe fruits or add a bit of raw honey. Then, add muesli packages on top of your yogurt cup. When you prepare your own meals at home, you’ll have the advantage of knowing what’s going into your body. In many cases, fast food restaurants stuff a lot of hidden sugars and saturated fats into the food.

3. Move Your Body

If you spend hours and hours in front of a computer all day, it’s essential for you to designate a specific time for movement in the morning. Whether you’re stretching, doing jumping jacks, or running on a treadmill, move your body. Movement and exercise are effective in boosting the effectiveness of your digestive system, burning fat, and improving your endurance. Make it a habit of finding simple ways to incorporate movement, but make it realistic. If you know that you’re not going to drive to the gym each morning, don’t make it a goal. Start with realistic goals like 50 jumping jacks when you hop out of bed.

4. Motivate Your Spirit

Zig Ziglar famously stated that “people often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” There are plenty of ways you can remain motivated. Find a devotional book that has encouraging messages and positive affirmations. Read a few pages before you start the rest of your routine. If you like to meditate, pray, or have moments of silence, this can be helpful in centering your mind for the day. Even if you do it for ten minutes, it can set a ripple effect in motion. Curate your own playlist of motivational speeches from famous orators and motivational speakers. Listen to an inspirational audiobook that inspires you to keep going when things get tough. Even if you listen to it as you drive to work, it’s an excellent way to motivate your spirit and remind yourself of how powerful and capable you are.

5. Avoid the Temptation to Multi-Task

Even though a lot of people assume that the ability to multi-task is essential, it can actually be detrimental. When you’re unable to really sit with one thing at a time, it’s easier to make mistakes, feel rushed, and develop anxiety. Instead of trying to eat your food as you answer emails, wake up fifteen minutes earlier to sit and enjoy your meal. You’ll feel satiated longer. Then, check emails for a certain number of minutes.

When you’re able to start your day off with positive rituals, it’ll be a lot easier to face the day with a proactive stance. Regardless of what you’re presented with throughout the day, you’ll be in a better position and headspace to handle it all.

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