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7 Ways to Gussy up Your House this Spring


For those of you in the Charlottesville, Virginia area that would like to spruce up your home this Spring, you have seven great suggestions below. Each of these ideas is sure to make your home even more special.

7 Ways to Gussy up Your House this Spring

1. Landscaping Services

When you choose landscaping services, you have the assurance that your property will look great. From making sure your lawn is mowed and lush to ensuring your garden beds are full of vibrant blooms, you can see an immediate impact with landscaping.

You also protect your lawn and entire property on into the hot summer months. According to Charlottesville Lawn Care, a provider of landscaping services, in Charlottesville, VA, searching for an experienced professional near you is a lot easier thanmany people may think. Your local landscapers can also offer more residential friendly services, like even just ranking your leaves for you.

2. Gutter Cleanings

You might not think of gutter cleanings as a way to gussy up your home. However, regular maintenance of your gutters is needed to ensure your property looks good in the spring and all year long.

If your gutters are backed up, water can seep into your home’s structure. Rainwater also can be deposited at the base of your home and mess up your foundation. You run the risk of weed issues in your beds and around your home. If left unchecked, weed issues can wreak havoc on your house.

3. Energy-Efficient Lighting

Not only can you brighten up your home where it is needed, but you also can save money come tax time. Modern residential lighting options also come with great features like timers and remote technology. And you can improve the look of both the inside and outside of your home.

If you are wanting to make your home look better this spring by improving your home’s lighting, you can find amazing products at local stores and through online retailers. You also can purchase these products at various price points.

4. Mix in the Old

Are you looking to showcase some personality and add a unique touch here and there to your home? Have you thought about saving some money, but also trying to find something to make your residence more stylish? You can do both when you mix in the old.

You can shop for gently used items at antique shops, thrift stores, and yard sales. Look online, too. You have online businesses that specialize in selling used home decor.

5. Outdoor Kitchen and Dining

If you enjoy cooking with family and friends, then you really should think about creating an outdoor kitchen and dining area on your property. It is the perfect way to open up your living space. You will have even more opportunities to enjoy quality time with those you love, too.

And if you want to make it even more special, you could consider doing all the work yourself. You can find all kinds of design ideas and tutorials online to help you in those efforts.

6. Apply New Paint

Paint can freshen up the exterior or the interior of your home. When you apply new paint, you have several considerations to take into account. You need to think about the color, and you need to think about the finish. Both will impact the overall look of any part of your property that gets new paint.

You also need to pay attention to how light exposure will impact your paint choice. Paint colors and applications do not always resemble what you saw when you made your purchase. Don’t forget to prepare the area getting painted by making sure it has been cleaned and primed, either.

7. Reupholster Furniture

Head to your local fabric store or see if you have some spare fabric in storage. You do not have to be a professional. You can handle this work yourself. All you need are the proper tools, and an eye for detail, and an eye for style.

You also can find someone in your community that handles this kind of work. And don’t forget that many retailers sell slipcovers that are affordable and easy to use.

Now that you have seven great ideas to gussy up your home this spring, you might be having a hard time choosing just one of these suggestions. No matter if you choose one or more, you are sure to see a difference.

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