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What is the Hot Start Lever and What Does It Do?


If you have been using bikes that were manufactured earlier in the year 2010 or before, then you should know how difficult it is to restart the bike after a mid-motor crash. The old bikes didn’t have a fuel injection system that made it difficult to get back on tracks instantly. One of the primary issues with earlier manufactured bikes was the flooded engine problem. The engine would overflow with the air and fuel mixture whenever the biker would try to stall the motorbike while the engine was hot. The hot start lever was used in such situations, and it had a similar role as that of a choke during a cold start.

What is the Hot Start Lever and What Does It Do

While a lot of experienced bikers are well aware of a hot start lever and its importance, most bikers till continue to use their bike without adequate knowledge of the various levers installed on their motorcycles. Most of the dirt bike riders have used this lever alongside a kickstart to start their bike. If you are among those bikers that continue to ride their bike without knowing much about the hot start lever, then you are the right place. By the end of the article, you will have all the relevant information that a biker should have regarding this lever. Before we start ahead to explain what a hot start lever does, you must know what this lever exactly is. Read ahead to know more about it!

What is a Hot Start Lever?

A hot start lever located on either the right or left side of your bike’s handlebar is used along with kickstart to restart your stalled bike. It is strategically placed right next to the brake or clutch levers. Since the hot start lever is a quarter the size of a clutch lever, it never disrupts your riding experience. You can easily pull this lever, just like you pull the clutch lever. In some bike models, you can get the option to press or push it before trying to kick start your bike. When you use the hot start lever along with a kickstart, it puts an adequate amount of air in your bike’s pilot circuit.

Why Use a Hot Start Lever?

The bikes manufactured in or before the year 2010 didn’t have fuel injections installed. As a result, whenever the bike would stall, it would take a few minutes to restart the engine. When the bike would accidentally stall, the carburetor would fill with gas, and the bike’s engine would rarely receive the fuel. It would emit the air and fuel mixture, thus restricting the fuel available for ignition. The case was similar with old cars as well. The vehicles without a hot start system installed in them would take some time to restart.

The manufactures of dirt bikes understood this pain point and started to install the hot start lever in the new bikes. It was done to make riding more comfortable and fun without having to wait for a few minutes to get the bike back on track post a mid-motor crash. If your bike has a hot start lever, then you can continue to enjoy the racing spirit without any disruptions.

How to Use a Hot Start Lever?

Just like any other lever of your bike, you can easily use the hot start lever too. The convenient location and small size make it easier to use this lever without creating any hindrance in your riding experience. As mentioned earlier in this article, the lever is situated in either the left or right side of your bike’s handlebar, making it easier to locate and use. You will usually find the hot start lever beside the brake or clutch lever.

When your bike stalls accidentally, you need to either pull or press the hot start lever along with a quick kickstart. Depending on some bike’s model, you may have to push the lever too. When you kickstart your bike, in combination with pulling the hot start lever, more fuel gets pushed to the engine. This fuel is used for ignition purposes, and the bike starts almost instantly. Once the engine starts working, you can leave the lever and continue with your ride.

If even after pulling the hot start lever along with a kickstart, your bike refuses to start, then you should not get anxious. In such a situation, you should wait for a few seconds and give more kicks for a better impact. Many riders have experienced a similar situation, but additional kicks and patience served the purpose.

Bikers riding newer bikes may not face similar issues, but they should be aware of the hot start lever and its importance. This article has covered all the relevant aspects that you should be aware of related to a hot start system before taking your bike on tracks. As the major questions including the why, how, and what has already been answered, you shouldn’t face further difficulty. Consider this article as a guide and always take note of what you read concerning the various bike levers. It will make your riding experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

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