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Best Packing Tips for Moving House!


Are you moving out of town or to a new apartment in the same city?


But, moving is a very difficult and troublesome thing because it requires the right preparation for transporting your personal belongings safely to a new home. It is always associated with conflicting feelings. On one hand, there’ll be pleasant experiences ahead of the change of housing, whereas, on the other hand, you require a lot of patience to pack things safely.

Anyone who is planning to shift to a new apartment must be familiar with the feeling of prostration that arises when looking at numerous things, such as cupboards, bedside tables and on shelves. If a person proposes a move without precise attention and observance of precautions, something is sure to damage or be lost during this event.

Best Packing Tips for Moving House

In order not to turn into a subsequent calculation of damages and losses, you need to arm yourself with packing materials, plastic moving boxes, tapes and professional advice.

Well, here are some important and very useful tips for organizing your apartment move.

Let’s have a look!

How to Pack Things and Move Without Loss

List of Necessary Moving Things

Before moving your personal things, it’s recommended that start with a list of the necessary packing materials. This is the most convenient way to put things in bags and boxes. To pack your belongings when moving, it’s better to use large bags, as they are much stronger and better to keep things safe. Furthermore, you can use medium-sized boxes for packing materials, so that their weight with things is from 20 to 30 kg.

With the availability of various removalists, it’s become easy to move things easily from one place to another. As an example, the removalists in Sydney are high professionals and pack things in durable eco boxes that hold the house belongings securely.

Vacuum bags are also considered to be an excellent way to pack things like blankets, pillows, winter clothes, soft toys and other bulky things. For proper packing of things and furniture when you move, you’ll simply need an adhesive tape! Regular wide tape and masking tape, which does not leave sticky marks, will be useful to you later, so take with a margin.

Marking and Inventory of Things

In order to protect your items from getting lost during a move, it’s advisable to mark the boxes and packages. Coloured tape or markers will be very helpful to distinguish the boxes from each other. All those boxes in which things and utensils are packed must be signed with a marker or felt-tip pen on all sides.

Movers do not have the gift of foresight and may well damage things (especially fragile and household appliances) during their loading and unloading. If the correct location of things or household appliances in it’s marked on the box with a marker, the movers cannot make a mistake.

This Is why you need to get a marker before you start packing and getting ready to move. This small operation will help keep things safe and sound.

Assembling Furniture When Moving

While moving furniture, be sure to pack the small parts together. In order not to scratch the furniture and not to damage corners during loading and unloading, wrap its corners with masking tape. Furniture of complex configuration can be photographed before disassembly so that later you do not get confused between furniture parts.

The furniture that you transport in the assembled state also needs to be prepared. Pull out the shelves and be sure to fix the doors with masking tape so that you do not have to wipe off the sticky marks later.

You can also entrust the disassembly and assembly of furniture when moving to professional removalists who will do the job quickly and accurately. Moving with experienced movers will greatly facilitate and speed up the process.

Pack Your Essentials Separately

The minimum set of dishes, personal hygiene items, bed linen, towels and everything that you need in the first place, pack separately and mark them. When moving, you also need to pack all the most valuable things separately, keep documents and other important things with you.

To avoid additional confusion regarding transport boxes with valuable things and documents, as well as other important items, it’s recommended that keep them in your personal car. And you are calmer, and the guarantee of integrity is one hundred per cent.

Wrap Fragile Items in Clothing

To reduce the number of boxes, you can wrap fragile items, such as dishes in soft household clothes and put them together. Wrap these items in several layers of fabric and tie them with a rubber band. Next, carefully but tightly put the resulting rolls in a box and do not forget to sign on it that there is a fragile load inside.

Do Not Use Excess Packaging

It’s not at all necessary to put everything in the boxes. There are many things in your home that will not be damaged when transported in a car. Books are a good example. Firstly, a large box with them will be too heavy and may tear, it will be inconvenient to carry, and it will take up a lot of space.

Therefore, it’s better to stack books and tie them with twine. In this form, they can be folded into the back seat of the car, placed between boxes and bags. It’ll be easier to carry and disassemble them too. All you have to do is cut the string and put the stack on the shelf.

Wrapping Up!

These are the tips that have already been tested by time and tens of thousands of apartment moves. They’ll help you make the move calmly and without losses. If a person does not have a desire to pack his own things and organize an apartment move, you can ask for help from the specialists of the moving company.

For instance, the professionals of a well-reputable moving company in Sydney are real professionals who’ll be able to quickly and correctly pack things, organize an apartment relocation. Additionally, they’ll only take a completely democratic payment for their services.

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