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How An Escape Room Supports Mental Health


Mental health has always been a very integral part of our well-being. People have started realizing that having a positive mental space has way more value than having a few bags of coin in the bank. Undoubtedly, we find it hard to express ourselves and be creative when we are not in the right headspace.

We’ve all heard the adage that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. The age-old saying has been repeated from the time we were in school-going kids to even now when we are adults with our lives fully in control. It has constantly reiterated that recreation plays a major role in our mental and emotional well-being. Sure, getting work done will help us stay ahead of time, but the lack of much-needed playtime will rot our brains out and make us feel bored and lethargic.

How An Escape Room Supports Mental Health

Ever since the pandemic has made an unwelcome appearance, a few other undesirable habits have made a way into our lifestyles. Losing track of time and avoiding social conversations have made us anti-social procrastinators. The stay-at-home work cycles and the monotony of the four walls of our homes have worn us out.

Everyone needs a break sometimes. We need to keep aside some time to let loose and indulge in some social interaction to keep feeling fulfilled and happy.

Undeniably, our social relationships also have a direct connection to how we think and feel. As social beings who are dependent on each other in every aspect, we feel better when we know we have someone who will lend us a shoulder.

But how do escape rooms appear in the picture? How could they be related to our mental health, let alone have a positive impact on us? Read this article to find out!

What Goes About in an Escape Room

An Escape Room is a live-action entertainment mode where players are locked in a themed room with hidden puzzles and clues that need to be solved in under 60 minutes. Inspired by the Escape The Room video games, these games originally started in Japan. After getting a good response from the crowd, the idea spread across the world like wildfire.

One of the first things any interested individual does to play an escape room is to make an ideal team and make a booking. That is when your social life kickstarts again!


Unless you are playing an escape room for a corporate team-building event, you are most likely to ring up your best buddies or your family members to gather a team and book an event. During the process, your communication skills are brought to the surface.

Effective communication is one of the core skills an individual needs to bring other people closer to them and understand them. It helps us find our tribe and build healthy relationships. It’s almost therapeutic to talk to our dear ones about our life and the problems. Who knows that they might understand and help you, having trodden the same path?

All you have to do is take the first step.

Decision making

Choosing a perfect escape room can be a hard task sometimes. Most escape brands have more than one type of room, ranging from horror and crime to adventure and action. Being around people with different opinions and thought processes can be great eye-openers for us.

Your team could be a bunch of scaredy cats or some gutsy, ready-for-anything folks, or even consist of both types. So, coming to a mutual agreement for a themed room is necessary.

After all the selection and elections, we learn the importance of being cooperative and considerate. It teaches us how to connect and fit in a group, in turn boosting our mood.

Puzzle-solving and mental health

Now we come to the core of every escape room game. The puzzle-solving process! Whether you enjoy solving a Rubric cube or a jigsaw, puzzles never fail to keep you hooked. Escape rooms have plenty of clues that may be indirectly connected to the others. So, while keeping us up and about with the rest of the team, they also trigger the secretion of a hormone called serotonin (the happy chemical) keeping us excited and happy.

During the game, you might come across a puzzle that is nerve-wracking and difficult to understand, so you tend to reach out to others for help. This is an important aspect as we learn the importance of calling out for help when we are in stressful situations in our daily lives.

They also get our brains on work mode, heightening our memory power which is most definitely a bonus!


As you run around rummaging for passcodes and answers, there will be a time where you might feel stuck. Nothing seems to connect or make sense. That is when we learn to motivate ourselves and find inspiration in the other teammates.

Encouraging and pushing ourselves to keep going will spark a motive in us, and that is enough for us to resume our search with the same spirit!

All or Nothing

In the end, we might emerge out victorious or in vain irrespective of how well we played. We are exposed to the concept of trial and error, and we learn from our mistakes.

We all love the notion of victory and achievement but we forget that making mistakes is a part of the journey. Losing in an escape room game for birthday celebrations makes us learn how to accept failure and focus on the future instead.

After all, win or lose, you still had an amazing time bonding and enjoying, and that is what matters the most. You can go home with a smile on your face and fun memories to cherish!


Relieving stress and worry through insightful and entertaining activities is one of the best ways to cope. If you ever feel down, all you would need is some healthy and fulfilling conversations with your dear ones and some anxiety-reducing entertainment. That is exactly what escape rooms provide you.

While learning important life skills like teamwork, co-dependence, and quick thinking, they also never fail to make us excited and thrilled. They keep us engaged, happy, and leave us with positive thoughts and contentment.

According to this article, almost every step during the process escape game teaches us something and keeps us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. From the booking process to the escape game and an optional after-party, they are built-in with nothing but adrenaline-rush and activity.
So, the next time you feel unhappy and are craving some fun, make escape rooms your first choice!

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