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Big Fat Weddings – Role Of A Wedding Planner


The Big Fat Weddings not only in Delhi but in entire India are quite hard to manage on our own. The Indian Weddings are full of rituals that take minimum 4-5 days, with tons of preparation to handle. Earlier these all things were taken care by the family itself, in turn the family members were so worn off with the work, they don’t even get a moment to catch minute glimpse or enjoy the wedding of the kids or siblings. Even after all this pain taken by the family itself things always go topsy turvy.

Big Fat Weddings - Role Of A Wedding Planner

An Indian wedding is full of pomp and show, from stunning mandaps, lavishly decorated entryways, vibrant photo booths to regal dinner tables – everything needed to be perfect. Is it possible to execute so much perfection and originality in every occasion of marriage?

Every problem has a solution, Wedding Planner is an answer to the smooth wedding in your house. If you’re a Delhiite than it easier. We have some of the very professional Wedding Planners in Delhi. A Wedding must be stress free and memorable not only for the couple but for their families too.

Indian Weddings have changed so much in past few years, uniqueness and a special personal touch has taken over the top priority in every wedding nowadays. The decision making how the wedding should be done has passed to the bride and groom exclusively from their families. The average spent has also seen a steep rise, especially in Delhi. Therefore, the Wedding Planners in Delhi are very particular on how to spent your money with true worth of every penny.

All About Weddings – Wedding Planners in Delhi

You know, I’m from Delhi too. Few years back there was a marriage in my family and frankly speaking it was all chaos. All the family members were running here and there in entire marriage to get the work done on time, still everything was so messed up and quite unorganized. Two years, another marriage in family again. This time we decided unanimously that we will go for Wedding Planner. A close relative of ours suggested us for All About Wedding – Wedding planners in Delhi.

A wedding in Delhi or we can say in north India are a week-long celebration. All About Weddings – Our Wedding planner made certain that we find the best deals and information on the marriage ceremony and other associated functions.

Wedding Planner will schedule and attend all vendor meetings, help determine and manage your budget, coordinates hotel rooms and transportation and oversees everything on the wedding with planning a seamless and smooth wedding. Also, they will work on brainstorming style ideas, coordinating design details, managing the rehearsals, menu tasting. Always book your Wedding Planner in a little advance, best to secure them as soon as the wedding date is finalised.

All About Weddings are the only Wedding Planners in Delhi that go over an extra mile to make your wedding and other occasion unforgettable with taking care of your budget also. They are quite methodical and adept at handling difficult situations. They keep abreast of the latest wedding trends as well as demonstrate exceptional organizational skills. Their scope of work is not limited to this only. They also assisted in dress selection, make up, photography and the entertainment factor with music D.J. etc in all the occasions of the wedding event. The most annoying or time-consuming thing in any wedding is taking care of Guest needs and Demands. Many relatives or guests sometimes show different kind of attitude, with All About Weddings handling them seemed as easy as pie.

Wedding is a very significant and close to heart occasion in anyone’s life. It should be totally out of the world. Every wedding, every theme, every design has to be unique representation of the couple themselves. All About Weddings is full of variety, diversity and unique ideas. If you are in Delhi and have wedding in your family, searching for Wedding Planners in Delhi, just go for All About Weddings. You will surely get a wholesome experience of hassle- and stress-free weddings. You are definitely going to feel the warmth of love and passion of the couple and their families in the wedding itself.


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