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Five Major Reasons Why You Lose Focus During Your Fitness Training Program


The fitness training and weight loss industries are experiencing their highest demand surge during the past few years. It’s no coincidence that the New Year resolutions of almost everyone are the desire to either lose weight or get in physically better shape. However, we see a gradual decline in sales of fitness equipment in the books of fitness equipment manufacturers as the year progresses. Why does all that energy and enthusiasm towards pursuing a better body and shedding excess pounds fizzle out as the year unwinds?

Five Major Reasons Why You Lose Focus During Your Fitness Training Program

Well, in speaking to quite a few people, I have discovered there are five chief reasons why people quit their weight loss and fitness programs. Below are the major reasons and ways you can overcome them

Reason 1 – No Plan

You already have heard the statement ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’, right? Well, this is quite true for your weight loss and fitness training program. The basic reason people quit their exercise regimes is that they do not figure out

  • Structure,
  • Diet timetable, and
  • Finances towards their desired goals.

Before you start your next weight loss or fitness program, decide what you have to achieve. Is it a toned body or weight loss? Then structure out how you will go about achieving these goals. This will motivate you to keep going on dark and rainy days when you feel like giving up.

Reason 2 -Lack of a Journal

The progress may not appear as massive when you step onto the scale on Day 3 of your fitness program. However, the fact is progress is there. This is another major reason why fitness enthusiasts give up soon on their fitness dreams.

They end a hard day at the gym and starve themselves only to hit the scales but weight loss is not there. In a few instances, weight gain could even be noted! This is normal when you begin any fitness program. Keeping a notepad to chart your progress will provide you an inspiration to continue at the turning point when most people give up.

Imagine yourself kicking back on Day 49, as you realize that over the past 7 weeks you have either shredded 20 pounds, lifted 30kg in your daily workout session, or can now fit wear the dress you wore as a teenager. Your notepad or journal should have a commentary on your daily workout sessions, exercise variations, weight, number of reps, and goals towards your next workout.

Reason 3 – Unreal Goals

It’s believed that many people overestimate what they can achieve and underestimate where they can get to in a decade. This is so true for most of our fitness program and weight loss goals. Some people need to go from barely being able to walk without fainting to participating in the London Marathon…in just 4 weeks! It’s not going to happen.

Set achievable and realistic goals. Also, as you master every set task, you will feel an inner sense of achievement that will encourage you to do more.

Reason 4 – Absence of Fitness Partner

I think we all can relate to this. A major reason we desire to stay fit and get into the desired shape is for the attention we wish to get from friends and family. However, the fitness journey towards getting the body to die for can be a lonely one.

Absence of Fitness Partner

Without a partner to encourage and inspire you in moments of weakness, a majority of us quit fitness training or weight loss programs. Thus, having a fitness partner; either a friend, spouse or colleague to join you in your gym sessions can make a difference between short-term and long-term victory.

Even sharing the same equipment such as the luxury adjustable bench with other motivated folks can do wonders to your fitness goals.

Reason 5 – No Fun Approach

Doing exercises and getting fit should be fun. It should not be approached as a punishment or chore meted out by your high school teacher. Chill out! Have some fun in your fitness routine.

You can wear different gym clothes for different days of the week.
Similarly, you can take a different path when you go jogging in the morning. Try mixing the number of reps you do with heavier or smaller weights etc. The list can go on.

So, go ahead and find something exciting and new to add to your exercise plan and avoid monotony like the plague. Gym sessions should have moments where you can look forward to and not dread.

Wrap Up

So here we are. Five reasons why most people quit their weight loss or fitness programs and how you can overcome these blockages towards getting your body you always have dreamed of. Prepare, have a journal, set measurable and realistic goals, get a colleague or friend to join you on your fitness ride, and have some fun. Getting fit must not just be a month or two thing. Your body requires good loving 12 months of the year. Also, there is much more you are capable of accomplishing.

Happy workout!


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