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Dry Cleaning – The Best Way to Wash Your Curtains


Due to this pandemic, the importance of cleanliness and maintaining personal hygiene has risen manifold. Earlier, people who use to care less about those issues and considered them petty, are now taking it seriously. The Internet is flooded with searches such as how to deep clean your home or which cleaning products to use for thorough cleaning.

Dry Cleaning - The Best Way to Wash Your Curtains

We all are making sure that our homes are clean and tidy. And what was once considered as a matter of prestige has become a necessity. In this blog, we will discuss an interesting way of cleaning your curtains. Yes, you heard it right. The majority of us are least concerned when it comes to cleaning curtains. We don’t give it any heed until the stains are visible or it starts smelling.

But in reality, we avoid it is because it is a confusing task. A typical curtain is made of heavy fabrics and some delicate laces. So, it negates the possibility of putting them in the washing and clean them. You have to take special care while cleaning and normal methods don’t work so well on them. Dusting them is one option, but it can just remove the external dust and not the dust within.

Cleaning curtains is a tricky task and to remove stains ad mould from its fabric you need a proper cleaning method. This is where dry cleaning curtains come into the picture. Getting them cleaned with drycleaners, you can rest assure on its cleanliness quotient. Here, we will discuss some of the benefits associated with the same.

Thorough Inspection

What we lack is professionalism and thoroughness when it comes to cleaning the curtains. A professional is expert at what they do and before cleaning they conduct a thorough inspection before applying any chemicals to it. If there are any small stains visible, they deal with them first. In case of any existing wear and tear, they point it out to its owner. In general, we overlook these flaws as it is not visible to our inexpert eyes. Thus, with this preliminary inspection, you can mend those unnoticed wear and tear later.

Elimination of Odour

Any cloth made out of any fabric, if not cleaned is more likely to catch some odour over time. Curtains are no exceptions. Getting them dry cleaned is one of the important factors to eliminate that bad odour. We clean our curtains on a regular basis. But we just vacuum the dust from its surface and let hang there. But as time passes, the fabric can gather different aromas in the room, and with different weather conditions, it can start stinking. Dry cleaning your curtains at regular intervals save you from any embarrassment of stinking aromas in the room. And what you get is a clean and fresh curtain.

No More Yellow Patches

Different fabric reacts differently when it comes to moulds. But one thing is common in all of them and i.e., they start to develop yellow patches on the surface of the curtains due to oxidisation. The common cause of this occurrence is oil stains from oily food. Moulds nurture or them and over time start developing those yellow patches if left untreated. You don’t want your precious curtains to get ruined because of a lack of cleaning measures. Dry cleaning cleans those patches like magic. So, the next time you encounter such patches, don’t panic and get it dry cleaned.

No Damage to Curtain Fabric

Curtains are a pressing factor when it comes to décor and aesthetics of a house. As a result, curtains are available in a wide range of fabric options. But these options can be a tiresome job when it comes to cleaning. You don’t want to ruin your curtain by cleaning it by yourself. Dry cleaners use chemicals that are soft to curtain fabric but equally effective in stain removal. A home cleaning session with detergent can ruin the fabric, but dry cleaning will never result in that. In fact, getting it dry cleaned can increase the longevity of your favourite curtains.

Final Thoughts:

If you are devoted when it comes to home improvement and prefer to keep everything on the check, then dry cleaning your curtains is the best option. You might feel that you can deal with the cleaning process by yourself. But in reality, it is not easy than it sounds. With the above-mentioned benefits, you will realise the importance of dry cleaning your curtains. And how it can save you money, by increasing your curtain’s longevity.

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