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Top 5 Free Android Games for Kids 2020


While practising social distancing in 2020, all the parents were looking for some new mobile games, so that they can keep their children busy through them. This global pandemic is the high time to worry about having a suitable environment at home for kids. Older people’s life is coming to the track somehow, but these kids are still not going anywhere as they can’t protect themselves. In this situation, it is significant for parents to provide an appropriate environment for them at home.

Top 5 Free Android Games for Kids 2020

Providing them with the latest fun android mobile games will be a good idea as it will keep them entertained and stay away from boredom. You can also include some online educational games to play so that they will learn through it while having fun. These latest play store games consisting of various kinds of educational games just for kids as they know how important mental growth is.

Nowadays, the internet has so many good options for android games that it is difficult for parents to choose the best among them. Don’t worry; we have sorted this for you as we have come up with the list of top 5 online games for free kids. Now, no need to break the bank and enjoy these fun and educational games that will keep your kids occupied inside the home.

Best Free Online Games for Kids in 2020

These new app store games are the best way to learn the kids while playing. It will be like a flexible schedule that will consist of various opportunities for children to practice their undeveloped skills. It also includes colours and numbers sense through music, play, etc. Take a look at these games-

1. Latest Dots & Boxes

Latest Dots & Boxes

It is very easy for kids as they have to make a winning box in this game and they will have fun as well while playing this. This classic board game is used to play on rough copy or notebook, but here is the online version of it. In this, the winner will be decided as per the dot and box combination. It has different modes, like offline and online. This game can be played by two players on one device easily. This game is very much compatible with the tablets and even with the smartphones, and it is also best for all age groups. You can get it to download from the Google play store.

2. Nancy Drew: Mystery Coding with the Codes & Clues

Nancy Drew: Mystery Coding with the Codes & Clues

Give a chance to your kid to solve mixed foundational coding along with the persuasive mysteries and acquainted female character in this one of the latest play store games. You can add a cute little robot puppy as well in this and what else do you need? This exciting game helps children to learn basic skills of coding at an early age. In this, kids have a chance to program a robot puppy that will help Nancy Drew in solving the big mystery.

Players of the game also get to select costumes and find different clues with further story progress. It will make the mini investigators on their seat’s control. This game is easily available on Google play store, Amazon Appstore, and also on the iTunes app store. It is suitable for kids between the age of 5 to 8. It has no ads but offers in-app purchases for users.

3. Super Games – Snake Ladder, Ludo, Call break, and Chess

Super Games - Snake Ladder, Ludo, Call break, and Chess

It includes four games at a time, and kids can play whatever they want. Snack ladder and Ludo are the games that are more suitable for kids. These are multiplayer games that can include the maximum four players. It provides users with multiple modes- online, offline, and play with computers. It is an enthralling game and children are addicted to it.

If you are looking for some indoor games with good quality, it is the game to go for. This game is appropriate for a variety of users, particularly for kids who want a fun and exciting game to play by sitting at home.

4. Poptropica


Among all the new app store games, it is the game that offers kids a virtual journey in which they can freely explore a new and different world, can create personalized characters, complete quests, and interact with many players worldwide. This game always puts safety at the business’s vanguard. They build a secure communication system so that players can cooperate through using scripted chat. It has extra rewards and features if you have optional membership of the game.

5. Roblox


It is the favourite game of all the kids, and their parents also love it as it keeps them busy and entertained as well. It has a mission “bring the world together while playing”. It is the reason why they have a platform where any person can join a developing community for playing with other players or friends, searching 3D world, and creating anything by using their imaginations with as much distance they can think. Though it is free, it also provides in-app purchases.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have rounded up the latest play store games that are suitable for kids to play and keep them engaged as well. These educational and fun games will be like activities for children that will help them to grow. Zuobox is also developing such kinds of more games for kids with efficient and experienced team members. Our only aim is to provide high-quality games for users. Give us a chance to assist you!

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