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Homeowner’s Guide to the Popular Interior Design Styles


A big part of building a custom home is shaping the inner space. Your house’s function is to provide shelter, but its design should also fit your lifestyle and reflect your creative taste. Choosing the right aesthetic can be a breeze if you’re familiar with the different styles available.

Homeowners Guide to the Popular Interior Design Styles

There are various design styles for custom home interiors. Some layouts feature a classical flair, while some focus on a contemporary look. Many are also inspired by foreign or regional themes, such as French, Asian, country, or coastal decor. Check out this overview to learn about the most popular designs for decorating your custom home.

Minimalist Style

If you prefer substance over style, the minimalist design may be perfect for your house. The theme is ideal if you want uncluttered home interiors, as it upholds open spaces, streamlined functionality, and simple visuals as opposed to excessive and extravagant adornments. Only practical furnishing fills every room, with the occasional ornaments and distinct décor.

Neutral tones, such as nudes, whites, and grays, are also prevalent in the minimalist style. Monochromatic palettes are typically present in drapery, textiles, wallpapers, and fabrics.

Modern Style

The era between the early to mid-20th century serves as the inspiration for the modern theme. The layout’s identity marries mid-century modern, post-modern, German, and Scandinavian design elements. Glass, metal, and steel are major components in furnishing and details, as are sharp lines and clean textures.

Like the minimalist style, the modern one focuses on function over form. One key difference is that the latter uses bold pops of color more than muted tones. Simplicity is also a standout quality that favors clean and practical elements instead of grand features.

Contemporary Style

Despite the similar connotation, contemporary and modern are different in terms of style definition and application. The former aesthetic reflects current motifs and layouts, influenced by diverse design selections from various periods. It is ideal for homeowners who follow fresh and trendy themes due to the style’s adherence to what’s “hot” in the design world.

Streamlined and polished features stand out in contemporary home interiors. Accessories and furnishing are made of metal and glass, and fabrics often evoke textured designs. Additionally, there’s an abundance of striking decor and neutral colors, and every room has an open atmosphere.

Transitional Style

One of the hottest interior layouts is the middle ground between classic and trendy. Transitional is the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary designs, borrowing elements from both styles and meshing their aesthetics organically. This style uses clean lines and sleek textiles combined with old-school furniture and accessories to produce a stylish yet welcoming look.

A well-curated transitional space utilizes sophisticated features, comfortable upholstery, neutral palettes, and simple décor. Timeless pieces are also a part of the style’s creative layout.

Rustic Style

Individuals attuned to nature may take a liking to the rustic style. The design’s born out of the Romantic movement, and it has a green-inspired quality that echoes the outdoors infused with modern design. It centers around rugged and natural elements made of wood and stone.

This evergreen style is typically synonymous with sustainable design. Enter a rustic home, and you may find vaulted ceilings with wooden beams and reclaimed wood floors. Other common design choices include earthy decor, handcrafted furniture, fabrics with simple patterns, and a fireplace.

Coastal Style

Those who want a cool summer atmosphere will gravitate towards the coastal style. The sunny design stems from American beachside origins and showcases breezy hues of whites, greens, and blues. Indoor and outdoor spaces are interconnected, providing a free flow between both domains. Due to the open layout, every home with a coastal theme always feels bright with plenty of natural light.

Comfortable spaces with natural features fill most coastal residences. Azure shades are prevalent in decor, wallpapers, trimmings, and paintings. Wicker furniture, jute accessories, and interior plants complete the overall coastal vibe.

Quality Service from a Custom Home Builder and Design Team

Get in touch with an excellent building and design team to get the best results for your home interiors. Every expert will ensure that your dream house follows your specifications and that you get good value for your money.

With a team of capable builders, you won’t have to worry about poor construction, missed deadlines, or surprise costs. Coupled with the creative eye of design pros, you’ll live in a home that feels true to your vision.


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