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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai for 2022


There are so many countries that are achieving great in terms of education and terms of luxurious lifestyle. Such states make sure to offer their valuable and potential citizens respectable and profitable jobs in their professional life so they can have a good quality of life in the future.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai for 2022

Dubai is also one of such countries that are efficient at providing quality life, quality education, and luxurious lifestyle to their citizens. Everyone wishes to have a good job and you are so lucky if your wish has been answered and you have received a call for a good job… right from Dubai!

On a personal note, Dubai is definitely a dream destination for job-seekers, experienced executives, and professionals as well. Dubai is known for the top-notch quality of life and advanced career growth for an individual. Even after being heavily populated, Dubai is one of the wealthiest states around the entire globe.

Being home to the skyscrapers, Dubai stands tall in the list of countries that have an enormous range of oil. Thousands of tourists visit Dubai each year to witness the real beauty of nature and the imaginative- creative beauty of its talented professionals!

Doing A Job In Dubai- Are You Ready To Make A Move Ahead?

UAE is paving its way towards a more digitalized and tech-organized future. The recruiters in the state are also highlighting the new requirements and new skills that are in demand. Each year, thousands of skilled candidates from all over the world travel to Dubai in order to find a great job.

The experts from the best online CV maker have emphasized the idea that if you have what it take to do a job in Dubai, then there is no need to waste your precious time. You must get your luck tested and should try out to get a Dubai-based job.

Since Dubai is a renowned travel destination and is having some modern architectural masterpieces, it is a top spot for a luxurious lifestyle and shopper’s paradise. Not only in terms of tourism, but Dubai is also now becoming a hub of businesses and jobs. People around the whole globe who are skilled at tech and digital skills are coming to Dubai as it is the hub of Silicon Valley.

To be very honest, Dubai is the best place to make your future secure and to have a great financial backup! There is not a single industry in the entire world which you won’t find in Dubai. Almost all the industries are lucrative and have great job opportunities for foreigners and locals as well.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Dubai For 2022:

When we say highest paying jobs in Dubai, then trust me they are the highest paying jobs without a second thought! UAE- Dubai are the only states who offer great financial support and rewards a person in the form of money based on his outstanding skillset and valuable experience.

If you have a great blend of education and skills in your personality and experience, then this is the high time when you should plan to try out your luck in Dubai. Below, we have broken down a list of 10 top highest paying jobs in Dubai for the year 2022. If you have the skill set that could help you in this regard, go and give it a chance!

1. Lawyers:

If you are a lawyer then this is high time to get yourself a great job in Dubai for the post of a lawyer. Lawyers are high in demand to handle the legal matters of the companies but you need to have a good 6 to 7 years of experience in this field.

2. Doctors:

You can earn up to DH 80,000 to DH 100,000 per month if you are a doctor and have a remarkable record and experience of 5 to 6 years. From child specialists to neurologists and vascular surgeons, doctors are high in demand in Dubai.

3. Private bankers:

The job of a private banker is also classy and is having its own perks and benefits of being a high-income generator. Also, you can earn up to DH 1,020,000 per month, amazing right?

4. Human resource manager:

If you have a degree in senior human resource management then this job is for you. Another high-paying field in Dubai that can help you earn up to DH 90,000 per month.

5. Investment consultant:

Since Dubai is the hub of the richest people in the world, they need to invest their money in great businesses. If you have experience in investment consultancy then this is the time to earn up to DH 100,000.

6. Construction director:

Home to the skyscrapers, Dubai is always having constructions going on! You can enjoy a good handsome amount of money if you are good at construction direction and can earn up to DH 100,000.

7. Procure specialist:

Dubai is having great oil reserves and this serves as the backbone of the state’s economy. You can think about becoming a procure specialist with a per month salary of up to DH 80,000.

8. Data scientist:

The profession of data science is going to stay evergreen and would always be in demand. If you have the required skillset then you should go for this post in Dubai offering up to DH 80,000.

9. Artificial intelligence engineer:

AI engineering is going to be the new normal. Dubai is having Silicon Valley and this is the high time when you should cash your skills of tech and get paid for it in great UAE Dirhams.

10. Cyber security engineer:

Becoming a cyber-security engineer and trying your luck in Dubai is also a great option. You can earn up to DH 355,321 a year if you have a remarkable tech skillset.

Final Takeaway:

This quick guide would help you to have a deeper insight into the jobs that are paying the highest in Dubai. These jobs are going to stay in demand for a longer time and if you have got that skillset to take cvmaker.ae assistance for a CV and then go ahead and give your luck a golden try!

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