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How to Apply a Screen Protector to a Smartphone


The mobile phone screens which are coming in the market these days are very prone to get broken or cracked when phone gets dropped accidently from hands. Buying a new Smartphone always makes a big hole in your wallet and that is why every Smartphone user tends apply a screen protector on it to avoid such issues. But there are several dilemmas which strikes the head of people when they think of buying a screen protector for their phones. For example some of them get baffled for choosing between plastic screen protectors and glass protectors for Smartphone. At the same time there are many who have not tried their hand in applying such screen protectors to phone earlier and thus unmindful about the way of applying it. A complete and comprehensive mechanism of applying a mobile phone screen protector is illustrated here by proficient experts. Just go with every step carefully so that next time you will be able to apply a screen protector on your phone easily.

How to Apply a Screen Protector to a Smartphone

1. Opt out from Plastic and Glass screen protector

There are two types of screen protectors that can easily be available in the market these days. The one which are made up of plastic stuff and another type is made up of glass material. You can make a good choice according to your need and requirement out of the two by understanding the basic difference between the two and their independent qualities. Mostly people prefer to buy glass screen protectors over plastic owing to their appeal, scratch resistance property and best touch. But if you are more inclined towards plastic screen protectors then go for it the only major benefit from such protectors is that they are durable.

2. Buy a Screen Protector customized and designed for your Phone

There are scores of mobile phone models that are available in the market these days and you need to purchase a screen protector according to the phone’s model. So enquire about the different designs of screen protectors available in the market for your phone and then only proceed to buy the one. Do not end up buying a wrong screen protector for your phone as it will be useless and will not be applicable on your mobile screen.

3. Ensure a dust free screen of your Mobile with cotton cloth

It is the primary and foremost step of applying a mobile screen protector to keep the phone’s screen dust free. If your phone screen is full of dust then it will look clumsy after applying the screen protector on it. So take a clean piece of cotton and clean the surface of your phone not only screen but entire phone as well.

4. Take out your screen protector in your hand

Once you are done with the cleaning process of your mobile phone screen the next part of the job is to unpack the screen guard and take it out in your hand. Just make it sure that your screen guard is not damaged and faulty as there are chances of getting a defected piece. If everything is fine with the screen protector then go ahead for the next step of applying it on the screen.

5. Place your Smartphone on even surface

Sometimes we place our mobile phone on uneven screen while applying a screen protector on it. As a result of which we end up applying it in a wrong manner as many times phone gets shaken from its place owing to uneven surface. So a labelled surface like table or floor is always best for applying a screen protector on mobile screen. Make sure that the surface which you are using is also clean and moisture free so that your phone does not gets prone to dust again.

6. Keep the Screen Guard on phone to check size compatibility

When you buy a phone screen protector according to the model of your phone there is not much to worry about the size compatibility of the screen guard and phone’s screen. But just for the sake of complete satisfaction you can go for a cross check to avoid any issue further when it is applied on the screen. Place the screen protector on mobile screen and measure the size of the both if they are compatible with each other go ahead.

7. Remove sticky cover from screen protector carefully

A screen protector comes with a sticky cover which you need to pull out just a moment before applying screen guard on the screen of mobile. So if you have checked the size of your screen protector and screen then pull out this sticky film or cover from the screen guard. Now you are one step behind getting your phone screen equipped with a screen protector.

8. Place the screen protector on screen by using thumb and index finger

While taking out the thin sticky film out of screen protector try to avoid put any impression of your fingers on the screen protectors. Just hold it from the sides by using the index finger and your thumb. Carefully place the screen protector on the mobile screen and do not miss out to recheck a dust free phone screen for the second time.

9. Avoid bubbles by rolling a debit card on screen in updown direction

By following the above entire mechanism of applying a screen protector on your phone screen you will not get any issue with doing it in right way. But still if unfortunately bubbles appear on the screen after applying a screen protector on it then there is nothing to worry about that as you can still tackle them. Scroll down a debit or ATM card in up down direction on your phone screen and bubbles will disappear immediately from it.

This is the complete process of applying a screen protector of any type on Smartphone screen. A screen protector always keeps your mobile screen new and break resistant and it is always a smart choice to apply the same. This is because a mobile screen replacement will cost you hundred times more than a screen protector if gets broken.


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