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How to Exploit Memes for Marketing Your Brand


There is hardly a day when you don’t come across a single meme. There are loads of it on social media. You name it and there’s one. No matter what the subject, memes are always there to entertain you. It is one of the most entertaining ways to catch people’s attention. These visual tools make your social media platform lively and cool. They make the audience feel that the business is more approachable. With the subsequent launch of image editor tools and invention of design techniques, creating creative memes became easier. As a result, memes began to be used as effective marketing tools.

• What’s a meme?

How to Exploit Memes for Marketing Your Brand

For all those who don’t know what a meme is or know but cannot connote it to its name, a meme is nothing but an image, video, or text which is varied to attach a humorous meaning plus a hidden message. It spreads through social media as a symbolic meaning is attached to it.

Memes, considered as one of the most effective tools for visual marketing, is popularly used by businesses to market their products or services. They are also used to effectively convey a message to their customers and/or to target customers. The best thing about meme marketing is that it helps wrap the message in humor, and this rarely goes unnoticed by the viewer. Being reasonably priced, they are the number one choice of all business owners as well as marketers.

Now, that we have looked at what memes are and their impact, let’s proceed to our main topic of our blog –

• How to Use Memes for Brand Promotion

Memes are always related to the ongoing trend or event. They make the brand appear more real and human. As they appeal to the current events that your viewers are cognizant about, memes help in reaching even hard-to-reach customers. With the right techniques, you can ensure that your audience connects with your brand.

This low-cost method of engaging the audience with creative content provides one of the best ways to establish brand identity and to promote it. Let’s discover how memes achieve that.

1. Your Meme Should Voice Your Brand:

Give a unique voice to your meme which also resonates with your brand. While it may be incredibly challenging to be authentic yet not be overly conservative, it is important to identify that thin line which differentiates between a meme with a voice and an offensive meme.

Use edgy content in your meme to give your brand an exceptional personality that sets it apart from the routine commercial rivals.

2. Conceptualize Memes and Store Them in Your Repository

It is important to answer the following questions to conceptualize the memes you will need to market your brand.

  • What content do your customers read?
  • What kind of music or TV series do they prefer?
  • How can you entertain them?
  • What are some of common problems they face?

Once you answer these questions, you will be able to create or find memes which resonate with your business brand. This will lead you to the next step wherein you may either create your own memes or redesign existing memes to voice out your brand message.

To review popular meme template collections, you can visit imgflip or Giphy. All you need to do is find a relevant meme and instill a message which voices your brand name.

Once you find a good meme which can voice out your message, you can add a funny caption which speaks directly with your audience and gives them a delightful moment. Even if you create or recreate 2-4 memes, you can store them in your library and release them one by one.

3. Go for Original Content

Try generating original content for your memes rather than reproducing something which is already rotating in the community. Although it is incredibly challenging to find such material, the end results are rewarding as there is a high probability that your content will go viral.

Tip 1: For creating an original meme, you can transform a funny clip into a looping GIF. For products, you can showcase some of the ways in which they can be used exceptionally.

Tip 2: You can ask your customers to share their pics taken while using your product and seek permission to use them. You may also shoot the content yourself.

4. Be Current, Be Relevant

To create a strong brand identity, you can take any ongoing trend or event and comment upon it. You may post a reaction to a game or a celebrity controversy (of course, taking care not to offend anybody).

When some live games are going on around the world and you believe that your audience is interested in games then you can share memes as shown above.

All in all, it can be said that memes are one of the most effective tools for brand marketing and promotions.

All you need to do is conceptualize memes and create original content which voices out your brand message. Memes which are relevant and related to the existing trends can certainly help your business scale heights of popularity.

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