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How to Make Sure Your Samsung Refrigerator is Working Properly?


A refrigerator is the most critical investments you make for your home as it is an essential electronic appliance for your kitchen. Imagine having to run to the grocery store every day to get food items because you don’t have a refrigerator to store them.

How to Make Sure Your Samsung Refrigerator is Working Properly

Not only does a refrigerator save you from unlimited trips to the grocery store, but it also prevents your food from going bad, stores your leftovers, and cools drinks for you to kill the summer heat.

Like other electronic home appliances, your refrigerator is also exposed to recurring faults, many of which are covered under warranty. If the warranty period is expired, you can easily call for a repair service to fix the issue with your refrigerator.

However, with regular care, these faults can be kept away, and your refrigerator will work in optimum condition for years.


After you have bought a refrigerator, you will have to place it in the right spot. Make sure you chose a location that does not expose it to direct sunlight. The refrigerator will give you optimum results if it works at room temperature.

Keep it away from heat and any objects that may produce heat, such as the cooktops or ovens.When installing the refrigerator, you must make sure that it is placed at a leveled flooring.

You will also need to maintain an adequate distance between the wall and the back of the refrigerator so that the heat can pass out. If not, then it will affect the internal cooling system of the appliance.


For your refrigerator to give the best results, the temperature (for both fridge and freezer) should be maintained.Setting the temperature extra cold or maximum might seem the right thing to do, but in the long run, it may have a damaging impact on the appliance.

A refrigerator is not meant to make the food icy, and setting high temperature affects its ability to perform efficiently. High temperature also results in increased electricity bills.
For best results, set your refrigerator temperature somewhere between 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while the freezer should be set at zero degrees. You can also purchase a refrigerator thermometer for a more accurate depiction of temperature.


There are coilslocated at the back of the refrigerator that prevents it from heating. When these condenser coils are not cleaned and dusted, they may cease to perform effectively or may have to work too hard to live up to function.

To ensure the proper working of your refrigerator, you should invest in a coil cleaning tool,or you can simply use a stiff brush or a vacuum cleaner attachment to clear away the accumulated dust over and under the coils.

Once you have cleaned the coils, clean the condenser fan too. You should clean the coils and the fans once a year for your appliance to maintain its cooling.

Sometimes, the coils don’t work even after cleaning. It means that the coils have stopped working and are needed to be repaired. In that case, you can call a repair service, or you can get a new coil form the market and fix it yourself.

If you are fixing it yourself, make sure that you buy the coil from the authorized dealers. Different refrigerator brands have designated dealers who sell the parts that are supplied by the company. They are called “authorized dealers.”

So, for example, if you have a Samsung refrigerator, you can look for stores in your area whoare authorized dealers of Samsung refrigerator parts. Buying from these dealers ensures that you’re getting genuine parts that are manufactured by the company.


If you keep the doors of your refrigerator open or not close it properly, the cold air will leave the appliance. This, in turn, will take up more energy and time for the refrigerator to return to its predetermined temperature.

The best way to deal with this is always to close the refrigerator door firmly. It will conserve energy and cooling.

Ensure that the rubber seals around the appliance are intact and clean them frequently. If these seals are loose, cool air will escape even if the refrigerator door is closed.


It is better to coolyour leftovers before you place them in the fridge. Doing this will reduce the heat inside the refrigerator. Putting hot food and beverages in the refrigerator affects the performance of the appliance.

Also, store the food in appropriate containers covering them well before you place them in the fridge to avoid spillage and leaking.


Most refrigerators go into auto defrost after every 10 minutes. Still, you may need to defrost it after examining the thickness of the ice layer present on the walls of the freezer.The freezer compartment can be defrosted manually by turning the knob off, and once it is defrosted turning it on again.


Do not overcrowd your fridge; neither leave it too empty. Doing both shall affect the working of the fridge. When you place containers in the fridge, ensure that you are not blocking any cooling vents or controls.

Keep the refrigerator clean. It will allow you to find the desired items easily in the fridge without having to keep the doors open for longer periods.


Refrigerators are the most important appliance in your house and one that we can’t do without. For it to function properly, you must maintain it regularly.

If not properly looked after, refrigerators of even the most reliable brands will not perform up to the mark, and the lifespan of the unit will decrease.


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