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Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Hair Transplantation


Few days back, I along with my friends went to a self care workshop. It was held at Irfan general hospital, Peshawar. The topics were about taking care of our body functioning, our hair and skin. The most interesting part of the workshop was when we talked about hair. There are hundreds of remedies out there in the market to grow your hair more. But, the regular styling and dying the hair has affected our hair in a pretty dreadful way.

Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Hair Transplantation

After the hair damage, most people opt for hair transplant. It is a procedure to move the hair to a bald region of the head. The dermatological surgeon takes hair from a more hairy area like the back of the head. We see around us that this hair transplant treatment has now become common among people. We came to know a lot of enticing information about hair transplantation. If you are thinking of having a hair transplant, some of the most interesting facts are detailed below for your guidance.

1) Many people fear before having such a treatment and doubt its outcome. It’s good news at first for you that hair transplantation has a very high success rate. About 85% of the grafts start growing efficiently in the transplanted area according to clinical studies.

2) Beware that this isn’t a one night process like a magic oil. Your hair will take about six months to start growing again. It’s worth the wait because the transplant lasts a lifetime when the hair follicles finally start growing. Probably, after one year you will start noticing the best results of the transplant.

3) If you are in your 40s and worried about your increasing baldness, this is your time! Most people start noticing their hair thinning at this age. 40 and above is the best time to get your hair transplanted by finding a good specialist. Even after that workshop, one of our friends got the best hair transplant in Peshawar.

4) Note that if you have lost your hair during a medication or a radiotherapy, hair transplant isn’t for you. In this treatment, your own hair from any other area is used. Thus, it will become difficult if your hair is affected. People who suffer baldness naturally or hair loss due to an injury go for a hair transplant for restoring their hair.

5) It’s a surgical treatment so it’s not completely painless. Obviously, the desire of the sufferer is going to be fulfilled so the treatment turns out to be pleasant. You’ll face a short time of awkwardness and discomfort but anesthesia makes the process painless.

6) Don’t miss out on this point! You have to choose a surgeon cautiously. If done properly, your hair transplant is going to look entirely natural.

7) Remember the transplanted hair will grow like mimicking the natural. Your natural hair thin over time and so can the transplanted hair. Keep visiting your surgeon for the post transplantation touch-ups. The number of checkups varies from person to person.

8) Again a point for you to bloom! Almost 94% percent of people are well satisfied with their treatment of hair transplant. You just have to take care of some factors. Find the best surgeon carefully and don’t get scammed.

9) Yes, it’s true that a hair transplant can be a failure! You should consult a specialist and check if you are suitable for the treatment or not. Sometimes, the surgeon might have grafted follicles improperly. Hence, have a check on yourself and your surgeon before getting a treatment.

10) A cooler thing to know is that the best type of hair transplant treatment is the strip method. It is good for its viability and its well-positioning quality. It is advised to opt for this method!

11) It was quite astonishing for me to know that the transplanted hair grafts can be removed too! The surgeon can remove the hair and place it in another area in case of any mistake. Though, it’s scary and can be a risk but it’s not impossible.

12) Last but not the least, let’s talk a bit about the donor. Some people get confused about it but thankfully, the hair of the donor can grow back too. Yes! You have to take extra care of that area which donated hair. Oiling and massaging the area can work well. Hair will soon get back to their natural pace of growing there.


I hope you have the chaos in your mind calmed a bit down. You have to keep a few cautionary steps in your mind and then you are all ready to go for a hair transplant treatment. You have gathered enough information to head towards it.



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