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Relationship Recovery After Addiction


Any kind of addiction can wreak havoc on a healthy relationship. The stress, guilt, shame, and worry that come along with loving someone who is suffering from dependence can cause seemingly irreparable damage to your relationship fundamentals –,, especially trust.

Relationship Recovery After Addiction

If you or your spouse has struggled with an addiction, you may find yourself wondering if it is possible to get your relationship back on track to recovery after addiction. The drug rehab Columbus Ohio understands that marriage and relationships require plenty of work to begin with, so a drug or alcohol addiction can cause a very serious strain on partners.

How can you rebuild, repair, and restore your relationship with your loved one? The experts at the addiction treatment centers say a healthy, functional relationship with an active addict is not realistic. However, repairing the bond you once had with an addict in recovery is possible with effort. Use this guide to establish a solid foundation for your post addiction relationship recovery.

Treat Your Relationship Like it is New

Relationship recovery after addiction requires both partners in a relationship to treat it as if it is brand new. The spouse of an addict must understand that the person they once fell in love with may not be there anymore; but on the bright side, this means the addict is also no longer there. After you have truly forgiven your partner, move forward without bringing up the past struggles.

Attitude Change

The attitude of both the recovering addict and the spouse must change for a successful relationship recovery after addiction. The addict must be accepting of their sober lifestyle, and the spouse should understand walking away from the problem will never solve it.

Relationship Recovery After Addiction Does Not Happen Overnight

Trust is the core of a successful relationship. An addiction breaks trust, but this does not mean it cannot be rebuilt. However, it is important for both parties in the relationship to understand that trust takes time to establish; it should be not demanded or forced from either person. The recovery coaches at Awakening’s halfway house in Florida can teach recovering addicts and their partner’s small ways to build trust over time.

Like trust, the romance and general contentment within your relationship will not reappear overnight. If you truly want to make your relationship work, it is essential to understand that work put in each day will add up over time to bring back the happiness, romance, trust, and relief you once felt with your partner.

Offer Reassurance

It is important to remember that a person in recovery is trying to find a newer, better version of themselves. They may be insecure or unsure of themselves throughout the process, so it is helpful for the spouse or partner to offer reassurance and encouraging words to keep them on the right track.

A large part of the best treatment for opioid withdrawal or another drug abuse involves helping patients learn new ways of coping with their emotions or past trauma and finding ways of expressing themselves in a healthy way. Rather than turning to substance, rehabs help their patients through behavioral modification and alternative therapies to find something such as yoga or hiking to avoid drug use when a trigger arises.


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