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Some Community Laws that must be Enforced


The waitresses are not supposed to serve liquor to a pregnant woman. Also, the waitresses are given right to refuse to provide additional liquor offering to the people in parties and events. Nevertheless, there are some laws that some people think that they should be implemented but are not in existence and will never be.

Some Community laws that must be enforced

Let’s see what laws should be implemented but probably may not be put into action in the future –

1. License to drive a car but anyone can have kids – As overpopulation is a burgeoning problem on the earth and it is causing a number of problems over the globe. How come driving the car with a license is important but there is no regulation imposed on having kids. The rules must be made to put a control on population. We have seen that a limitation was imposed on pet population but no such imposition has been made on human overpopulation.

2. Legalized prostitution, is it really so? – All may have heard that prostitution is legalized in most of the countries but still a question arises in minds that if the legalization of the harlotry is enforcing properly in countries. So, check it, legalize it, tax it and above all prosecute it properly.

3. Working on birthdays should be illegal – Birthdays are days to celebrate and working on birthdays is not fair. So, the laws related to holidays and off times on birthdays should be made. But there is no chance seen that laws related to holidays on birthdays, anniversaries would be implemented in future.

4. Employees right to have check on employers – As the employers are entitled to check the progress and performance of the employees and staff. Similarly, the laws should be made where the employees can check the overall performance of the employers who hire them; are they working accurately for the success of the organization or not.

5. Putting a limit on how much a cologne or perfume a person can wear in public – Sometimes, a person wears too much of the perfumes in public areas. There should be a restraint put on the quantity of the perfumes to be used in public areas. As some people are asthma patients and a half of asthma attacks are caused by strong odors perfumes suffuse.

6. Daycares should be instructed to not accept young babies – The parents who cannot take care of their offspring, they should not be allowed to have one. So, there should be some laws made relating to non-acceptance of young babies in the daycares. In this way, the parents will understand their responsibilities toward their children. But there is no such rule expected to be implemented in the coming days.

7. Maternity leave should be 2 years long – Maternity leave should be at least 2 years long. As the mother has to recover from health and take care of the baby too. The women have worked with dedication and loyalty for the organization, so the organization should also contribute to the women betterment by providing her at least one and a half year leave or two years leave to her.

8. Prisons should more be like schools and schools should less be like prisons – The prisons should act like teachers who may teach and encourage the prisoners to chose the right pathway. They should be imparted lessons to the prisoners how their criminal activities are proving detrimental to the world. Moreover, the school should lesson the burden on the students by removing theoretical sessions and assignment writings allotted to students in the schools. The students generally seen panicked and stressed completed those assignment writing by taking assignment help Australia. Apart from this, they should be imparted training via outdoor learning techniques.

9. Ban on publishing false statements in newspapers – There should be a ban on publishing false statements and news in the social media platforms. As it hurts the image and personality of the various professional and famous people worldwide. So, this thing should be banished as it hurts a lot of people’s feelings.

So, these are some of the laws that should be implemented but there is no possibility seen that these laws would be enforced in future. These are the laws that people feel should be imposed for the betterment of society.

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