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Tips for Selecting Furniture for Your Hotel


Furniture is one of the vital elements that have an impact on the appearance of your space. It completes your home or hotel such that every item serves its purpose and fulfills the occupant’s needs. It also builds a flow of movement depending on how you arrange them. Aside from that, some pieces of furniture like sofas, chairs, and mattresses add comfort, which entices visitors and guests to keep coming back.

Tips for Selecting Furniture for Your Hotel

For that reason, business owners should be meticulous in choosing the right furniture, especially for hotels. Hotels are built to provide customers with a place to stay and relax. So, to help you create a comfortable experience that your guests will remember, listed below are helpful tips on choosing commercial furniture for hotels.

Choose a Theme

There are many kinds of furniture for various sections of a hotel. So, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones will best fit your customer’s needs. One thing to help you with that is to select pieces based on a certain theme or style. In that way, there is uniformity in your hotel’s overall look. In addition to that, this will make your hotel more unique, which is a feature that’ll help your customers remember.

It can be something that takes on a European-themed style, a retro vibe, or a classy antique look. This will help you distinguish not only the sets of furniture that will match your chosen style but also the general color scheme.

Consider Your Furniture Placement

Another factor you need to consider when selecting hotel furniture is the layout of your space. It will determine the placement of your furniture. Hotels usually have varying room measurements according to the number of people they can accommodate.

So, whether it’s a single bedroom, a double room, or a family-sized room, all furniture sets should be proportionate to the room’s size. This is to maximize the whole space and to ensure that there is enough room for your customers to move around. Aside from that, all the items must be placed equally to look aesthetically pleasing and not visually unbalanced.

Select Durable and Comfortable Items

The quality of your furniture also impacts the type of customer service your guests will remember. For that reason, it’s important to select durable and comfortable items for your hotel that’ll last for years. When you purchase high-quality furniture, not only will your guests be satisfied, but also you’ll spend less money on repairs. Aside from that, it creates a pleasant environment that your customers will come back to now and then.

Focus on Light Fixtures

Another tip to remember is to focus on your hotel’s light fixtures. Various light sources are essential as they can transform and shift the atmosphere or mood in spaces. To make a room appear larger, you can install recessed lights other than your usual overhead light. On the other hand, you can put desk lamps to help guests with tasks that need to be done. You may also add festive string lights or pathway lights in outdoor spaces to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your hotel.

Pay Attention to Moisture Content

Moisture content (MC) is a crucial factor for wooden furniture. Wood can lose or absorb water moisture caused by fluctuating humidity levels. So, wood can either expand or shrink because of moisture, which affects the quality of your furniture.

So, if you’re thinking of buying wooden furniture, select one with moisture content applicable to the humidity level of your hotel’s location. In that way, you can avoid damage like cracking and warping in the future. The ideal MC level for indoor furniture is around 6 to 8 percent, which you can check with the wood manufacturer through a moisture meter tester.

Talk to a Reliable Furniture Dealer

Setting up a hotel is not easy as there are many things you’ll need to consider. They include your hotel’s ambiance, location, and appearance, which will all depend on how you organize the furniture you’ll install. Remember, there are many kinds of commercial furniture for hotels. So, to give your customers the best hotel experience, make sure to follow these tips and do your research. Above all, if you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from reliable experts or furniture dealers.


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